Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Treatment For Brain Cancer

Treatment For Brain Cancer

The treatment plan is made individually for each patient's brain cancer. The treatment plan developed by doctors who specialize in brain cancer, and treatments vary widely depending on the type of cancer, brain location, tumor size, patient age and general health condition of patients. The main part of the plan is also determined by the will-the will of the patient. Patients should discuss the options (choices) treatment with their doctors.

Surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are the main treatment categories for most brain cancers. Individual treatment plans often include a combination of these treatments. Therapeutic surgery to try to remove the tumor by cutting out of the normal brain tissue. Radiation therapy to try to destroy tumor cells using high energy radiation which is focused on the tumor. Chemotherapy attempts to destroy tumor cells using chemicals (drugs) that are designed to destroy specific types of cancer cells. All treatments to try to not damage the cells of normal brain.

Other treatments that may be part of some treatment plans may include hyperthermia (heat treatments), immunotherapy (immune cells directed to kill the types of specific cancer cells), or steroids to reduce inflammation and swelling of the brain. Clinical trials (treatment plans designed by imuwan-scientists to try the chemicals or new methods on patients) can be another way for patients to obtain treatment specifically for their cancer cell type.

The best treatment for brain cancer is designed by a team of cancer specialists in relation to the will-the will of the patient.
Side effects Of Brain Cancer Treatment

Side effects of brain cancer treatment varies with treatment plans and patients. Most treatment plans try to keep side effects to a minimum. For some patients, side effects of brain cancer treatment can be severe. Care plans should include a discussion of side effects that have the potential and enable them to develop, so patients and their care givers-givers (family, friends) can make decision-keputsan appropriate treatment in connection with their medical team. Also, if side effects develop, the patient has some knowledge of what to do against them, such as when to take certain medicines or when to call their doctor to report health changes.

Side effects include an increase in operating dri symptoms are present, damage to normal tissue scrambled, brain swelling, and seizures. Other changes in brain functions such as muscle weakness, mental changes, and reduction in all brain-controlled function can occur. Combinations of these side effects may occur. Side effects most apparent immediately after surgery, but often diminish with time. Occasionally, side effects are not reduced.

Chemotherapy usually affects the (killing) cancer cells that are growing quickly but can also affect normal tissue. Chemotherapy is usually given intravenously so the drugs can reach most body organs. Common side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and loss of power. The immune system is often suppressed by chemotherapy, which resulted in a high sensitivity to infections. Other systems, such as the kidneys and reproductive organs, may also be damaged by chemotherapy. Most of the side effects diminished over time, but some may not.

Radiation therapy has most of the side effects are the same as chemotherapy. Most radiation therapy focused on brain cancer tissue, so some systems do not receive direct radiation (the immune system, kidneys, etc.). Effects on systems that do not receive direct radiation is usually not as severe as that seen with chemotherapy. However, hair and skin are usually affected, resulting in hair loss (sometimes permanently) and reddish and darkened skin that needs protection from the sun.


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