Saturday, May 28, 2011

skin function is essential for all humans

skin function is essential for all humans, because the skin protects our bodies from all the bacteria, from the evils of UV rays, and others.

Following this, the main function of human skin:

1. As a protection.
The epidermis layer is a layer of protection from outside the body from bacteria, the first stage of protection for our bodies.

2. As the heat controller
The skin we are able to control the stimuli, such as temperature pressure, body touch hot / cold etc.

3. As the sealing

4. As a feeler

5. And as an absorber

You already know what the function of the skin. Here is a shell structure is also important that you know.

Skin layer is divided into 3 layers:
- layer of epidermis
Layer of the epidermis is the layer that protects the body of environmental factors. Also in it is capable of forming new cells, replacing cells that are already dead.

- The dermis layer
Dermis layer when viewed through a telescope, its structure is located just below the epidermis layer. Consisting of vast network of interconnected, form collagen and elastin.

- Layers hypodermic

Hypodermic layer consists of loose tissue but related and contain cells that become lemak.

energy from the skin.

How important for our body skin. So, it is appropriate that if you treat your skin regularly to stay fit and fresh.

Hopefully this article useful to you. And, you also can read some of my articles about the skin as follows:

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