Friday, May 27, 2011

There are two main types of thyroid illness

The thyroid gland consists instead of two lobes, one on the right and another one on the left. Both are connected by a structure (bridge) merentasi ithmus called trachea. Each lobe is shaped like a pear fruit. The thyroid gland has one layer of a lime capsule and also pretracheal fascia.

Thyroid cells is the only cell in the body which can absorb iodine taken in human feeds. Iodine will be joining the amino asid tirosina which will later be exchanged into T3 and T4. Under normal circumstances peratus expenditure is 80% when T4 T3 15%. Tray 5% are other hormones such as T2.

T3 and T4 help cells to exchange oxygen and calories to energy. T3 is more active than T4. T4 is not active it will be converted to T3 by the enzyme 5-deiodinase in the liver and the kidneys. This process applies in other organs such as the hypothalamus in the brain portion.

Other hormones related to thyroid function is to TRH and TSH. These hormones form a complex system. TRH released by the hypothalamus. This causes the pituitary TRH TSH. TSH also causes the release of thyroid T3 and T4. That was what damage one of the above process will lead to enactment of thyroid problems.

Type of thyroid disease

There are two main types of thyroid illness:

1. Hyperthyroidism / Thyrotoxicosis
2. Hypothyroidism

1) hyperthyroidism / thyrotoxicosis

In this Kes thyroid hormones T3 and T4 were found higher than normal people. Among the causes of this disease are:

>> Grave's disease: antibodies in the body cause and issued a further enlarged thyroid hormone. Selalunya all (or large sebahagian) thyroid cell disease who menghidapi excessive hormone release
>> Thyroiditis (thyroid swelling): Selalunya this state may own beautiful
>> Toxic nodule goitre: Too much iodine in the diet.

2) Hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormone (T3 and T4) is low. Among the causes are:

>> Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis - inflammation and damage to thyroid tissue
>> Lack of iodine in feeds
>> Radiation
>> Radioactive iodine treatment
>> Thyroid gland removed

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which there is excessive seksresi thyroxine hormone in the body. Dara Coconut Oil may help rebalance income hormone thyroxine in the body. Dara resume practicing retrieval of Coconut Oil 1-2 large blades a day. After a month retrieval of Coconut Oil Dara, for blood tests to see paras hormones T3 and T4.

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