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The thyroid is a gland located in front of the neck portion and keep

The thyroid is a gland located in front of the neck portion and keep some of the main functions of the body. Thyroid disease can affect almost all portion-portion of the body and also dangers to health.

Thyroid disease is more often true among women versus men. This disease may also apply during and after pregnancy. Treatment for this disease however safely and easily.

Thyroid gland

In anatomy, the thyroid gland divided two. The two hormones released by these glands namely hormone thyroxine (T4) and also triiodotiroksin (T3).

These hormones travel escort levels most body functions that are called metabolism.

Increasing these hormones significantly increased body metabolism and that otherwise would apply if those affected hormone deductible.

With a high metabolism, you may feel hot and so vice versa. So the thyroid gland helps your body functions running on the content of the survivors and memorable.

Escort gland was carried out by the pituitary gland in the brain, through thyroid stimulating hormone.

When thyroid hormones are many, and if applicable hipertiroidisma disease hormones a bit, hipotiroidisma disease also apply.

Diabetes also can disrupt thyroid hormone expenditure.

Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease

There is a test, examination and also a certain discontent which may be used for diagnosis of thyroid disease.

You also may be other diseases contract aftershocks than travel thyroid gland function is not regular.

The neck should be noted kerana thyroid gland will move with the action of swallowing. If held, may dirasai form gland and also its movement with swallowing.

Skin and eyes may also be examined in addition to body temperature and body weight may be observed to ensure the thyroid gland problem.

Hipotiroidisma Disease

The disease is applicable if your thyroid gland is not functioning at its optimum sehinggakan hormones are not removed sufficiently.

Ubat are eaten to treat excessive thyroid function may also cause disease hipotiroidisma.

Typically, this hipotiroidisma disease caused by inflammation in the gland, called thyroiditis.

The disease is also known as Hashimoto's disease. These autoimmune diseases stimulate the body's defense to remove antibodies against the thyroid gland.

As a result, the brain release of thyroid stimulating hormone signaling through the thyroid gland to work with the more powerful.

As a result, the gland was enlarged and was called as a goiter. Eventually, the thyroid gland to release hormones no longer needed by the body.

How feeds are not very well also be cause hipotiroidisma (refer to the essence of food that have a iodine content).

Hypothyroid symptoms slowly because it will and also you may not have discontent for months and also perhaps for many years although contract hipotiroidisma disease.

Examination of thyroid hormone blood paras will be conducted to validate that you during face hipotiroidisma. Had paras hormone is normal, maybe you have other illnesses and may need further examination.

Thyroid hormones will be given to you so that paras thyroid hormone the body back to normal and there is a possibility you're forced to take these hormones for ever.

Dos drug may also be changed periodically, and blood tests may be performed.


The disease is applicable if you remove the thyroid gland hormone excess. This leads to increased body metabolism. The disease is usually effective in women around age 20 to 40 years.

Grave's disease is the leading cause of increased aktivity this gland. Usually their eyes are face this disease will look like a gold fish eye!

In addition, drug taken to hypothyroid disease also may cause hyperthyroidism, a doctoral supervision is critical.

This hyperthyroid disease may also lead to 'noisy thyroid' especially if you have other health acute problems. Noise thyroid is causing you got a fever, increased heart degup, and also changes in brain function such as tangling of thought, convulsions, anxiety, outrageous and may also lead to coma.

Care provided will deduct the expenditure of thyroid hormone. drug to reduce heart degup also may need to be given.

Had given treatment fails, may care to use radioactive iodine is given with the intention to destroy your thyroid gland partly. Surgery is also one than function care that may help.

If you find a small swelling in the thyroid gland nodular namely, the examination is necessary to know the same no matter nodular or kanser It is normal.

Ultrasound examination and also using a needle biopsy or aspiration is necessary. Further treatment will as discourse doctorate with you during the trip health aftershocks.

Thyroid Disease During Containing

Thyroid disease risk in giving you as well as content. Because that's the importance of your health checkup during the first visit to the clinic pregnant women.

With care, you can contain the normal and safe. Your treatment may also be changed periodically dos drug next blood test and other tests that need a lot of rethinking.

Radioactive iodine treatment will not be given to the patient's, patient's during pregnancy. There is also first of all the times women experience thyroid problems after childbirth.

It was called as postpartum thyroiditis. Maternal thyroid hormone typically face those affected return to normal with a decent face. However, there are a handful of those affected than mothers who may be experiencing hipotiroidisma on the front.

It should be stressed here that unlicensed impression exam or blood test of thyroid hormones is not a routine examination during antenatal care.


  1. My new endocrinologist never really recommended natural thyroid to treat my hypothyroidism and prescribed me instead with Levoxyl which worsen my symptoms. Afraid of continuing it i decided to go with bovine thyroids. So far its been a great help.

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