Monday, May 30, 2011


The signs of a bad gut: abdominal bloating, constipation, headache, lethargy, smelly breath, pain in the joints, rashes on the skin & Constipation.

Constipation is a condition difficult to defecate (BAB):
More than 90% is a human health problem,comes from the large intestine (colon) is clogged = congested colon.

Like a pipe that has been used for many years, will certainly blockage of the accumulated dirt that is in the pipe. Dr. Bernard Jensen was an expert on diet therapy and tissue cleansing, states: Nearly 50% of cancers occur in those who have a problem Kostipasi (constipation)Dr. ArbuthnotLane
UK Doctors, Specialists Kolon Th pd 1929, making dramatic statement:

"Constipation is the cause of all disease hit man "

"Kolon who mistake the function of causing disease unrelated to bowel / malfunctioning colon and seemingly unrelated diseases"

. (THIS ALSO CALLED "PHENOMENON striking correlations")

REAL PROOF OF "PHENOMENON striking correlations":

1. A teenager in a wheelchair since suffering a serious arthritis, colon surgery - after 6 months and then cured of arthritis (inflammation of joints)

2. Female patients after colon surgery experienced a gradual recovery within 6 months of mumps.

3. After removal of the diseased colon - a few patients cured of tuberculosis through joint diseases (rheumatic).

CONCLUSION: After surgery of the colon (LAUNDRY GUT), patients experienced significant recovery section other body(Which in passing seems to have no relationship with the disease in misery)


Detoxification comes from the word 'de' meaning 'no' and 'toxic' which means 'poison'. Means the removal of toxins that accumulate program in our bodies.
And keep in mind that any treatment that does not begin with the process, "Detoxification / CLEANING GUT" difficult to be cured completely.

Including the initial symptoms in the gut that we've POISON many are:

1. Constipation (difficult bowel movements)

2. CHAPTER ONLY 1X a day (If you want a healthy person, he has to CHAPTER 2x a day)

3. CHAPTER its non-current

So were very careful when you start is not smooth CHAPTER Immediately clean all the toxins and harmful chemicals that has long been lodged in your stomach because of the longer toxic and hazardous chemical substances lodged in your stomach the greater the likelihood you attacked chronic disease that can spend your money, Your health, your home and your future.