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Diabetes or urine sugar is a metabolic disease characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood

Diabetes or urine sugar is a metabolic disease characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood.


Many lay people think that the disease Diabetes is a new disease, even sometimes think the disease is synonymous with eating potatoes and finally cut leg. According to historical records, in fact Diabetes disease has been known since thousands of years BC. When the same scientists of his era has sought the cure.

• Papyrus Ebers, Egypt (1500 BC): treat the disease often Peeing • Sushrutha, India (400 BC): Urine Disease Honey • Areteus (81-138 BC): Give the name of Diabetes Mellitus. Was he that came to be called Mr. Diabetes Mellitus.

Early symptoms:

• Many drink / easy thirsty • Many of urine • Many meals / easier hungry

Symptoms continued:

• Many drink / easy thirsty • Many of urine • Weight loss • Easily tired

A person diagnosed with Diabetes, if:

• There are symptoms, and Fasting Blood Sugar Levels> 120 mg / dl; or sugar levels 2 hours after meals> 200 mg / dl or when Blood Sugar Levels> 200 mg / dl.

• No symptoms, but the laboratory examination, found: Fasting Blood Sugar> Sugar Levels 120 and 2 hours after meals> 200 mg / dl; or Fasting Blood Sugar> 120 mg / dl and sugar levels when> 200 mg / dl; or blood glucose 2 hours after meals> 200 mg / dl and Blood Sugar when> 200 mg / dl

When sugar is not controlled or untreated, chronic symptoms will arise, in the form:

• Many drink / easy thirsty • Many of urine, accompanied by other signs, including: • Frequent tingling • Skin feels hot and thick • Cramps and easy to achieve, • Easy sleepy eyes blurred • • Itching around the genitals, particularly female • Dental easily shaken and easy off • decreased sexual ability • The pregnant woman had a miscarriage or fetal death in the womb, or birth with birth weight babies> 4 kg.

Diabetes Disease / Diabetes is a disease mostly descendants, not a contagious disease. Could also be due to other reasons, for example: • Too long a particular medication • Exposed to a viral infection, etc. Diabetes disease should not be "specter", provided that:

• Regular Blood Sugar Control

• Take medications according to recommended dosage

• Diet as recommended

• Exercise appropriate skills

• Prayer

If the patient Diabetes to treat him well, then God willing will be able to live happily together Diabetes. If underestimated, complications can affect the whole body.

To patients Diabetes encouraged to:

• Fight Diabetes with ways to prevent and treat as early as possible

• Fight Diabetes, which has demonstrated complications with how to treat it well and regularly for complications are not sustainable.

Diabetes Complications:

• Complications of Acute (immediate complications occurred within a short time): Hypoglycemia (lack of glucose / sugar). The symptoms: hunger, trembling, cold sweat, dizziness, etc.. Response: eat bread, bananas, etc. • Diabetic Coma (glucose is too high). Symptoms: decreased appetite, thirsty, drink a lot, peeing a lot, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing. Response: Immediately to the Hospital

• Chronic complications (complications that arise in a long time, when sugar levels are not controlled)

When the guard, can occur with chronic complications affect the whole body, from hair to toe, including a tool body in it. When the orderly and regular treatment, complications will not arise.

What are the complications?

• Hair: thin, easy to fall • Ears: whistling, hearing decreased • Eyes: increasingly blurred, eye feels dry, etc. • Tongue: thick, pleasure disturbed • Saliva: thickened, dry mouth • Dental: easy to waver • Lung: if coughs

• Heart: susceptible to coronary heart disease • Lever: susceptible to liver disease • Stomach: easy bloating, etc. • Kidney: impaired renal function are susceptible • Bladder: often wet • Sexual: Decreased • Uric nerve: tingling, feeling of thick, cramps , aching etc. • The blood vessels: smaller and easier arise ulcers • Skin: easy boil

Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Patients generally have to reduce food and beverages that contain sugar. Schedule meals: 3 main meals and 3 times the food between (snack)

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