Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sinusitis i

Sinusitis is an infection / inflammation in the sinus area we (there are 5 pairs of sinuses in the face of our region), while polyps were part of sinus exit and resembles a balloon / meat in the nose.

The cause of sinusitis is generally due to the prolonged nasal obstruction, while the polyps usually arise from further complications of sinusitis, both up on the nose caused by allergies.

Symptoms of sinusitis depend on where the affected sinus area, in general, head ache, the face feels heavy, thick yellowish to green runny nose, nasal congestion.

In polyps symptoms of nasal obstruction from mild to severe and congestion throughout the day, later also accompanied by symptoms similar to sinusitis.

The existence of allergy in the nose is the main cause, therefore we must know the cause allergies. To find out what allergies are a common occurrence to read in previous posts (often stuffy nose and sneezing).