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Early Detection of Colon Cancer

Early Detection of Colon Cancer

The risk of esophageal cancer Colon (Colon Cancer) becomes higher with increasing age. In general medicine, based on statistical data, believes the threat of developing colon cancer begins at age 40 or older, especially for those who live with the diet of modern life.

With increasing age of a person 'threat of esophageal cancer has become increased as well.

At present there are sophisticated ways to detect dangerous attack early colon cancer with colonoscopy action.

By using a colonoscope, a doctor of Experts to examine the entire colon wall carefully to detect any tumors or polyps that if left over time can turn into malignant tumors (cancer). In developed countries colonoscopy examination is highly recommended as part of a health test (Check Up) for the aged over 40 years and especially over the age of 50 years to be done every 3-5 years. By can be detected early, can be taken action before the spread of malignant tumors that can endanger a person's life (death), because as we know, usually when a complaint has arisen and is perceived by a person, the tumor was located in the advanced stage and difficult to cure.

We recommend that if a malignant tumor can be detected at an early stage, usually the patient lives can be saved with surgery or with other treatments.

What was meant by Colonoscopy?
Colonoscopy is an action to examine Channels Colon using sophisticated equipment such lenses are highly flexible fiber optic is inserted through the anus (rectum) to reach the colon. Point mainly to check on Colon wall of the dangers of polyps or abnormalities are suspected as malignancy.

Preparation What to Do?
To get accurate results then the colon must be cleaned of food scraps before action. The day before the action doctor will provide instructions regarding the type and amount of food should be consumed in order to help channel Colon cleansing. To clean the Colon channel, you will be instructed to drink a laxative solution in the afternoon and evening before the examination. Obey the instructions carefully because the procedure will be delayed or have to be repeated if Colon is not clean. Colonoscopy usually do not cause pain. At the time of action, doctors usually give an injection of drugs for relaxation to reduce the unpleasant taste for action, which is sometimes just a feeling of bloating, abdominal pressure or mild abdominal cramps.

How Inspection Done?
You will be instructed to lie on your back or facing laterally. Fiber Optic lenses will be inserted gently into the colon via the anus (rectum). The interior of the Colon channel will be clearly and carefully monitored by a camera on the end of Optical Fiber that will deliver images to the screen examination results to be analyzed by a doctor and images can be recorded on the tape Video Tape. This procedure usually takes about 20 minutes or more if it can proceed with polyp removal action. If the investigation found the colon polyps or parts that must be examined in greater detail, then the doctor will perform the retrieval polyps or tissue samples at the suspected existence of these disorders, using the same tool. Tissue samples, the next will be examined in the laboratory Pathology - Anatomical to determine the presence or absence of malignant cells.

What's That Called Polyps And Why Should Issued?
Polyps are abnormal growths of the colon that the shape and size vary. Most colon polyps are benign but this can not be determined from external appearance alone but must be removed and examined in the Laboratory of Pathology-Anatomy. Colon polyps are left in a long time to turn into malignant cells (cancer) is not known if early, can be fatal to the patient (died of cancer). If the examination at the Laboratory of Pathology, Anatomy turned out to have malignant cells, it can be immediately performed the surgical removal of the colon that has been stricken with malignant cells (cancer).

What to do after a colonoscopy?
After the action performed colonoscopy, patients need to lie / rest about 1 hour to eliminate the influence of sedatives that have been granted. It is recommended that patients not time to go home alone, should be accompanied by family members or anyone else, especially not to drive a motor vehicle within 4 hours after the action Colonoscopy.

Generally you can immediately eat after 2 hours later. Your doctor will likely limit your activities and adjust your diet when the action performed when colonoscopy is also done removal of tissue or polyps (polipektomi). Examination results will be explained by the doctor to you clearly by using photographs or video tape recordings.

Possible Complications of Colonoscopy
Action Colonoscopy is a safe procedure when performed by doctors who have received specialized training and experience to act Colonoscopy. Complications are rare except in the act of taking polyps or colon tissue samples of the suspected, there could be little bleeding usually stops after a while.

Where you can perform colonoscopy examination?
You do not have to waste time for treatment to the State, because the existing facilities at the Hospital and Physician Specialist Gastro Medistra Enterologi (gastrointestinal tract) in the RS Medistra an experienced and well known at home and abroad will help you with the accuracy of diagnosis and therapy.

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