Monday, May 30, 2011

DANGER BABY canned milk to the GUT

DANGER BABY canned milk to the GUT

When I look for articles about milk, I stopped by Kompas Cyber ​​Media website, I was surprised to read the article entitled BABY INTESTINAL DAMAGE canned milk. Read more details please read the following quote, then please your own conclusions based on your experience, is it?.

MALANG, KOMPAS - About 55.19 percent of 18,000 women giving birth in Malang in 2006 prefer canned milk for her baby instead of breast milk or breast milk. Though it can damage the canned milk-Fili Fili (fine hair) and can disrupt gut baby baby's health.

"The best thing for babies is breast milk. How expensive was canned milk is no substitute for milk, because milk has antibodies that are useful for psychological and physical baby. While the canned milk can actually damage the intestines Fili Fili-baby the first time he was born immediately get milk cans, "said Head of Family and Community Health Malang City Health Department, Dr. Tri Asih Rachmi, Sunday (2 / 12) in Malang.

If Fili Fili gut-damaged infants, according to Asih will cause the infant feces become hard. The result can trigger a hemorrhoid or bleeding in infants, and if severe can cause toxicity in the body of the baby because of disrupted secretory system. "If Fili-Fili has been damaged, it takes more or less a week to re-adapt to normal," said Asih.

Currently in the city of Malang by Asih still about 50 percent of 18,000 women giving birth (data 2006) who breastfeed their babies themselves. "The success of exclusive breastfeeding for six months not only in the mother, but also the environment. For that need support for exclusive breastfeeding environment can succeed, "he said.

One effort that could be done so that exclusive breastfeeding can be successful is with early initiation of breastfeeding. The trick is to put the baby in the mother's chest right after birth. When the baby has not been cleaned, but simply dried body alone. "Natural treatment like this would make a baby with reflek move looking for her mother's nipple. And 100 percent of infants who tested like this can suckle on his mother, on average within a maximum of 1 hour, "said Asih. According to him, the baby was over born can last up to 10 hours without drinking milk.
If the baby is born after separated from his mother, then according to research only 20 percent of the babies that managed to give exclusive breastfeeding. "If we see, cats and dogs after giving birth is also not assisted by a nurse. Toh ana can suckle their young, "said Asih illustrates that infants are born with an instinct for survival.
Breastfeeding has been the one indicator of nutrition conscious family. Of the 855 samples in Malang, 235 new family of which include nutrition conscious. Scope of exclusive breastfeeding in the city of Malang is still around 55.19 percent of the target of 80 percent.

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