Saturday, May 28, 2011

Now the Human Skin Can be Made at Factory

Now the Human Skin Can be Made at Factory
The idea of ​​scientists Fraunhofer Institute for interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology, Germany to produce artificial human skin in a large scale is now realized.

Germany now has a leather factory of human and robotic assisted production. Robots were squeezed pink chemical solution and then put it into a kind of dropper tool and turn it into a candidate sheet of human skin.

The factory can produce five thousand white opaque tissue about the size of coins each month. Candidate skin tissue produced could also brown. In the candidate's skin also contained blood vessels and can be used to treat skin wounds.

Each network valued U.S. $ 72 (Rp620 thousand). This network is fairly expensive.

As quoted Pop Science, two years ago, scientists hope, this factory can produce artificial leather at affordable prices in the interest of the study and treatment. Skin that is produced is strictly controlled robot to avoid infection.

"We believe this kind of factory can be efficient ways to produce new tissue, including bladder, trachea, cartilage and even organs," said Heike leather factory director Walles.

Walles and his team of scientists managed to produce tissue for human transplantation. However, this process is still very expensive. "Such a network of production facilities is expected to further facilitate and reduce costs," lid Walles.

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