Saturday, May 28, 2011

The function of human skin

The function of human skin, namely:
1. Protection function
Protect the inside of the body against physical and mechanical disturbances, such as pressure, friction, traction, chemical interference, such as chemical irritants (lisol, carbolic, acid or other strong base), hot or cold disturbance, interruption of radiation or ultraviolet rays, disruption of germs, fungi, bacteria or viruses.

2. Absorption Function
Absorptive capacity is influenced by a thick skin, thin skin, hydration, air humidity, metabolism and type vehikulum substance stuck to the skin. Absorption can be through a gap between cells, glands or gastrointestinal tract out of hair.

3. Excretion Function
Glands in the skin release substances that are not useful or remnant metabolism in the body. Products of fat and sweat glands in the skin surface acidity of the skin formed at pH 5 to 6.5.

4. The function of sensory (Sensory)
The skin contains sensory nerve endings in the dermis and subcutaneous. Sensory nerves are more numerous in the area of ​​eroticism.

5. Temperature Adjustment Function
Leather perform this role with sweat and skin blood vessel wall muscle.

6. Pigment formation function
Skin pigment forming cells (melanocytes) located in the basal layer of epidermis. The number of melanocytes and the number and amount of melanin that determines skin color is formed.

7. Function Keratinasi
Keratinasi process cells from basal cell to cell horn lasted for 14-21 days. This process is done for the skin to do their job properly. In some kinds of skin diseases this process is disrupted, so the skin will look scaly, thick, rough and dry.

8. Vitamin D Production Function
The skin can also make vitamin D from the raw materials 7-dihydroxy cholesterol with the help of sunlight.

9. Emotion Expression Functions
The result of the combined functions mentioned above cause the skin to be able to function as a tool to express the emotion contained in the human soul.


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