Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain Cancer Treatment
Although viewed from the incidence figures, the number? brain cancer patients is still low, at only six per 100,000 of the patient's tumor / cancer per year, but still, the disease becomes? scourge? for most people. Because, although such tumors that attack is a type of benign tumor, when attacking the brain? Level of danger posed generally larger than tumors that attack the body.
As happened to the film star and advertising Ferry Irawan, due to his illness he was paralyzed, lips and tongue can not be moved, it's hard to talk, even he got to lose strength. To the extent that actor? Heart of the Chosen?,? Heroine?,? The Red Berets? It serves her right hand was normal.
The growth of body cells that are not normal it's scary.? Exact cause of cancer is not precisely known but various factors have been known to increase risk of cancer. Risk factors can trigger brain tumors because of family history, radiation, chemicals, diet, certain drugs, and cigarettes.
This disease can occur without significant symptoms, but are often characterized by symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, blurred vision, awareness, hearing, walking and nerves. Unfortunately, so far no definitive treatment, but in line with advances in medical technology and pharmaceuticals to the maximum extent possible, efforts were made to? Drive? disease.
Drug therapies have been used in the treatment of several types of cancer. In addition, other cases may be treated with surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.? Including surgery is often performed, especially in patients with brain tumors.
Research on cancer treatment continues to progress. Sharks are known to roam the oceans about 400 million years ago known morphology has never changed. Perhaps, in this fish's body, cancer cells do not? Can grow, because the whole bone is cartilage. True?
In the record book about the efficacy of traditional Chinese? food treatment, eating shark fin is believed to prevent? aging skin, and the gelatin contained in the shark fin is also believed to increase vitality. To be sure, she says shark fin is indeed delicious.
Although the results of the study was denied by a nutritionist from the University of Taiwan, Prof.. Chang Hung-min said the chicken egg is more nutritious than a bowl of shark fin soup, but other researchers revealed a positive result.
Researchers from Indonesia who is also Head of the Center for Primate Research Institute of Wildlife Studies, Bogor Agricultural University, DVM. Dondin Sajuthi Ph.D recognize? Extracts? Shark cartilage can inhibit the growth of new blood vessels. That he proved through his research.?
Doctor Henry Brem and Dr. Allen K. Sills from Johns Hopkins University reported one compound derived from shark? Squalus, shown to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels that distribute food to the brain tumor. By using the blood vessel cells of the central nervous system of cattle, the two researchers was dripping with squalamine. After two days, cell growth of blood vessels down to 83 percent.
In addition to sharks, cow cartilage also touted capable of inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels. About the results, Dr. Greg Harper of the Council for Scientific and Research Organisation Indutrial has proven it.
Western-style treatment are increasingly getting brighter with a starting point the discovery of a suspected drugs can bring benefit in the treatment of brain cancer. Various studies are still to be done to find a drug that has a high effectiveness. But we may hope that hope will be more open to treatment of brain cancer.


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