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How to Measure Blood Sugar Levels

How to Measure Blood Sugar Levels

1. Diagnostic criteria for disorders of blood sugar levels. In the final assessment is issued by the WHO (In meeting in 2005) agreed that the numbers are unchanged from the previous determination issued in 1999, namely:

Canti's mother is also important to remember when talking numbers to pay attention to the units used. In the tabulation above the WHO issued a standard in 2 units are often used namely mmol / L and mg / dL. Note that there is use of the conjunction "or" and "and". The use of the conjunction is important to indicate for example that in order to determine diabetes can by using one of 2 methods of examination of existing and to others as indicated in the table.

2. Normal blood sugar levels (Normoglycaemia) said as a condition where blood glucose levels are have small risk to develop diabetes or heart disease and cause the appearance of blood vessels.

3.IGT by WHO is defined as a condition where a person has a high risk for contracting diabetes, although there are cases which indicate blood sugar levels can return to normal. Someone that his blood sugar levels are included in the category IGT also have a risk of heart disease and blood vessels that often accompany diabetes. IGT condition, according to experts is due to the destruction of insulin production and immunity of muscle tissue to insulin is produced.

4. Lower limit for IFG has not changed for the measurement of fasting blood sugar of 6.1 mmol / L or 110 mg / dL. IFG alone has almost the same position with IGT. Not a disease entity but a condition where the body can not produce insulin in an optimal and the presence of interference suppression mechanism for spending the sugar from the liver into the blood.

5. Methods of measuring the sugar content of blood plasma standard using materials derived from veins. Blood plasma is the liquid part of blood. The point is the blood that has not contain more solid materials such as red blood cell hematocrit and others. On the portable blood sugar measuring device that is widely available in the market, get the method of blood plasma by filtration of blood taken by the strip where the blood supply that is taken place. Measurement of blood sugar levels should be done as soon as possible after blood is drawn from a vein. Measurement of venous and capillary blood during fasting give identical results at the time of fasting, but not for measurement 2 hours after meals where the results of capillary blood showed a higher value.

6. There is a method of examination and other blood-sugar levels that can help determine the groupings of disorders of blood sugar levels of OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Oral Glucose Tolerance Test =). This is important because it is mentioned:
Fasting blood glucose test alone has a value of the failure to detect diabetes who had previously suffered (but not known certainty) of 30%
OGTT is a measurement method that can accurately identify IGT
OGTT is necessary to ensure a person has impaired glucose tolerance are not detected (suspected), and also means the person is out of suspicion that exists. OGTT tests recommended to be done on someone who has a fasting plasma glucose levels 6.1 - 6.9 mmol / L or 110-125 mg / dL to determine the certainty of the status of glucose tolerance.

7. Examination HbA1c is not recommended as a diagnostic examination for diabetes and other blood sugar interference levels conditions.

WHO also uses the term to describe Intermediate Hyperglycaemia blood sugar levels between normal and diabetes (IFG and IGT) since the WHO intends to eliminate the stigma against people with diabetes who do not meet the criteria for diabetes is said to have the condition and also stressed that the Intermediate Glycaemia still can back to normal conditions.

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WHO defines diabetes as a condition where there is a rise in blood sugar levels which imply increasing risk factor for disease based on defects in small and large blood vessels and reduced quality of life.

From this definition, we can take a simple conclusion that the restrictions made by WHO for determining a person with diabetes or do not take consideration of the size may appear heart and blood vessel disease of the person's blood sugar levels. In the condition where a person has a blood sugar level below the limit of blood sugar levels of diabetes, the person is safe from potential risk factors that can arise if condition he was in the border area of ​​diabetes. This process is run dynamically. Between normal and diabetic condition itself there are conditions increase blood sugar levels but not including diabetes which is a transitional condition. Can develop into diabetes can also independent of the existing management.


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