Tuesday, May 31, 2011

many kinds Artificial Sweeteners

The kids would love to drink that packs in color - colorful, because it tastes sweet and eliminate thirst for redemption. Likewise with a variety of candy flavors, interesting shape and a snack idol for children - children. Then the question, safe and healthy is the food and drink that?

Containing Artificial Sweeteners

Most of us probably already heard the results of the study some time ago from consumer organizations Jakarta (LKJ) that 9 kinds of food from 48 types of food, especially foods of children - children; using the negative effects of artificial sweeteners which can affect the nerves of the brain and malignant diseases such as cancer. Laboratory tests of the 9 content of these foods have aspartame, saccharin, and cyclamate. In European countries the use of materials - materials has been long banned. It's terrible if the material that is harmful to the body that was there in the food of children under five age!

many kinds Artificial Sweeteners

In accordance with the decision of POM in 2004 article 22, an artificial sweetener is used for low-calorie foods and foods without added sugar. In addition, the artificial sweetener is actually only for people with Diabetes Mellitus. And the type of artificial sweetener itself, among others;
Cyclamate, have long been studied not recommended for children, often mixed with other sweeteners. Flavor, pleasant, because it can cover the bitter taste and sharpen the taste of the mixture. In the United States has long banned because it significantly increases the incidence of bladder tumors - bladder after the use of cyclamate and saccharin as much as 2500mg / kg / day.
Saccharin; (sweet and low) are well known 100 years ago, but it still contains substances investigated whether Carcinogenicity. 700 times the sweetness of sugar
Aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal) contains a variety of toxins that cause symptoms of headache, allergies, and symptoms of autoimmune disease (autoimmune disease) and cause the buildup of brain nerve damage ang formaldehide
Sucralose; Chlorination of sugar (sucrose), was stout found side effects such as arise anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, anxiety, allergies and diarrhea.
Xylitol; usually be cold if it melts in the mouth, often used in candies, lozenges
Sorbitol; have been used for 50 years. As a sweetener, it feels soft, cool effect in the mouth.

Increase the risk of Obesity

Although containing low-calorie, artificial sweeteners increase appetite of the child to eat foods that taste sweet. That could happen because of the high metabolic processes in the body. So the kids will find other sweet foods and increase their calorie intake so, there could be overweight. Obesity In addition to the influence of these artificial sweeteners when consumed frequently are:
Dental caries
Diabetes Mellitus
Disease cardiovascular, asteroklerosis
Behavioral disturbance (headache, learning disorders, emotional and mental)


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