Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer
The brain is the organ of the human body that plays an important role in life. The brain is the center of all activity, until the smallest detail. Brain run thousands of events at the same time.

Brain cancer is a disease of the brain where cancer cells (dangerous) grown in brain tissue.

In its spread, the cancer is very frightening. Cancer cells grow to form a mass of cancerous tissue (tumor) that interfere with the functions of brain tissue such as muscle control, sensation, memory, and normal bodily functions of others. Tumors composed of cancerous cells called tumors danger (malignant), and which consists of cells that are not cancer (noncancerous) are called benign tumors (benign). Cancer cells that develop from brain tissue called a primary brain tumors.

Brain cancer is a very dangerous disease to end in death. Besides lethal, treatment was a very large cost.

Factors that cause brain cancer:
Factors from within (intrinsic)
Genetics: heredity. If there are lineages that suffer from brain cancer so be careful to maintain their health
History of trauma or conflict: conflict in the head despite a mild head injury remain vigilant, that hit the network changes can also be a cause of the growth of abnormal tissue in the brain
Factors from outside (extrinsic)
Lifestyle (life style): Patterns of unhealthy living can also be a cause of cancer in general, such as smoking, lack of food fibers etc.
Carcinogenicity: carcinogenic substances in general also be a cause of cancer, such as cooking oil over in use Master, chemicals are inhaled, or mixed in food.
Radiation: radiation, chemicals or electronics can also trigger cancer cell growth.