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Impaired function of the colon is an outline can be caused by several things

Colon is an organ that is essential for our lives. In the intestine the food is digested and waste energy sources will be in the exhaust tract into the colon which is the final part of the digestive tract. The large intestine has among other functions: a place to collect leftover food will then be excreted through the anus, where the absorbed water and some minerals, and the growth of bacteria, where bacteria in the colon can form several kinds of vitamins are vitamin B and K are then absorbed by body.

Seeing the large intestine function then a good job this is very important for the health of our bodies. In this gut can be regarded as holding a variety of diseases. This imbalance can lead to bowel function toxins (toxin) that through the circulatory and lymphatic system will spread throughout the body and cause various diseases. Dr. Arbuthnot Lane, a health expert stated that colon bowel disease (constipation) is the cause of all types of diseases affecting humans. This is what ditandaskan by the Prophet in his saying "it's stomach is a vessel of all disease." Therefore, Islam is taught health maintenance intestine starting with how to keep the food coming into the intestine through the intestinal metabolism trash CHAPTER correct manner.

Impaired function of the colon is an outline can be caused by several things:
Stress or pressure minds become the major cause of intestinal diseases are also other diseases. The period of transit of food in the stomach (intestine) lasts between 12-14 hours. Stress that we experience can slow the transit of food in the gut resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the gut
Eating foods such as food vandals stomach mucus (mucus), just as cheese, butter, etc., fast food (fast food), food with 3 P (Preservatives, Dyes, Taste), and eating less fiber in it with less drinking resulted in faces (dirt) to be issued to be loud so that it stays long in the colon (normally within one day we defecate one to two times) resulted in faces (manure) into acids that irritate the mucosa of colon mucosa which over time will change (mutation ) toward malignancy. Can increase stomach acidity, making it hard feces disposal.
Another factor that can cause stomach illness is related to the bad habit (bad habit of eating), such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking lots of coffee, food and carbonated beverages (soda, etc.), eating with interspersed drink, sleep immediately after a meal, eating too satisfied, the stomach is not upright when eating, and food combining that wrong can cause gas and irritation in the intestine.
Good balance in the gut bacteria
In a good digestive system contained about 60 kinds of varieties of bacteria or microflora that is useful to establish some essential nutrients and help maintain pH balance and bad bacteria in the intestine. If the bacterial balance is disturbed there will be disturbances and diseases of the digestive tract autointoksikasi (hereinafter to be described in chapter autointoksikasi disease).
The weakening of intestinal peristalsis
It is estimated to contract 50 times per minute intestine. This contraction allows food to move in the digestive tract and helps optimize the absorption of food and throw away leftovers. The weakness of peristaltic bowel can cause stools accumulate in the intestines.
CHAPTER No regular
Regularity of bowel movements is very useful to get rid of poison (toxin) resulting from the decomposition and fermentation.

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