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Thyroid hormone chaos lifelong problem

Thyroid hormone chaos lifelong problem

Thyroid Disease actual health problems that often applies worldwide. In fact, there are studies that indicate thyroid disease explain more than 200 million citizens of the world. Between the thyroid problem that often happens is hypothyroidism, but most patient's do not realize.

More clearly, hypothyroidism refers to one than the problem of hormone disruption. It occurs when the thyroid gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone to meet the needs of the body.

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland in the form of man that is normally located on the lower front portion of the neck and functioning to produce thyroid hormone. The main thyroid hormone is T4 which contain adequate iodine molecule.

Thyroid hormones are important in helping every cell tissue and organ function properly. Indeed, he helps the body-powered, ensuring body heat always besides brain, heart, muscles and other organs to function properly.

In terms of numbers, one instead of six women and a man than 12 will experience problems hypothyroidism various ranks within their lifetime. In addition, between 10 to 20 percent women aged 40 years and over will experience a thyroid disorder.

Expert Negotiator Endocrinology Putrajaya Hospital, Dr. Hussien Zanariah, said the thyroid disorder is common among the seven to eight when two mony woman man. In fact, for Kes congenital hypothyroidism (since birth) he involve fetuses that are still in the womb.

"The main problem, he failed impressed because symptoms that are not so ketara and very common. Always the initial ratings, will pit the patient's fatigue and sleepiness in addition to pain and labored with memory or pedestal power is weak. Indeed, patient's and doctor who treated it as it will associate the symptoms of stress or partly impression to the aging process, "he said.

He said, hypothyroidism not at a certain age because against he may apply to the fetus, even in the golden citizens aged 80 years and over.

He said, for Kes congenital hypothyroidism, fetal always dealing with thyroid problems are not formed or not formed completely normal. There is also Kes partly or involve the entire thyroid was in the wrong place.

"Babies are dealing with congenital hypothyroidism requiring thyroid hormone replacement after the moment of birth to prevent mental disability that seriously," he said.

Hashimoto's disease - refers to the immune system interfere with thyroid gland function
Thyroid surgery - surgery for hyperthyroidism, thyroid abscess or mumps.
Hypothyroidism there half babies born without a thyroid or simply just partly thyroid. There are also children born with thyroid partly or all are in the wrong place (known as ectopic thyroid). Indeed, thyroid cells or enzymes are not functioning properly causing them to have hypothyroidism from birth. Can produce enough thyroid hormone for once but when he is grown, the number was not sufficient.
Treatment for hyperthyroidism - hypothyroidism refers to thyroid hormone excess income. He was treated with drug supplies anti-thyroid, radioactive iodine or surgery. Impression than this treatment of hypothyroidism may
Iodine deficiency - thyroid gland must have a sufficient amount of iodine to produce thyroid hormones. Iodine is obtained pass through food. Ensuring balanced income thyroid hormone requires the right amount of iodine. However, the numbers are too much iodine can cause or worsen again hypothyroidism.

DIAGNOSIS of hypothyroidism is always easy. Blood examinations are necessary for measuring the hormone (TSH recognizable as a test). Normal TSH levels are within 0.4 up to 2.5 mU / l. However, if it exceeds 2.5 mU / l, there is a chance you're dealing with hypothyroidism in the future.

If the TSH stage exceeding 4 mU / l, there is a possibility you suffer hypothyroidism. Indeed, there are again various tests need to be made to validate the diagnosis and determine the stem it happen.


PROBLEM thyroid disorder is a lifelong problem. Indeed, treatment of hypothyroidism mean thyroid hormone replacement therapy. This treatment replaces what the body can not produce the original so.

Depending on weight, metabolic purposes and principles of thyroid function, dos will be given. Indeed, if you exchange jenama drug, one other test need be made because every drug not the same. In the market there are some jenama thyroid replacement therapy. Among the latest was launched Euthyrox than Merck.

Dr Arlene said, despite all jenama replacement hormones act in the same way but taking thyroid hormone replacement dos right and he must assuredly jenama follow-difference.

Use dos lower in the elderly patient's very important example kerana high cardiovascular risk increased with increasing levels of heart beat and blood pressure.

"At the same time, higher dos needs to be given to a pregnant woman who disease hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Dos is very important because he allow doctoral initiate, manage and monitor the patient's care, "he said.

He said that flexible dos facilitate the patient's right to take the necessary steps of this amount different because between the patient's.

"The child requires a higher dos if they increased adult when pregnant women also require higher dos to meet the baby in the womb," he said.

What you need to know about hypothyroidism

High-risk pregnant women dealing with hypothyroidism. The hormone estrogen and other female hormones that control the way your body will explain thyroid hormone in the body system. Women who are pregnant for the first time dealing with the risk of hypothyroidism in the first month after birth because immune system that are not tolerant. Result for hypothyroidism in early pregnancy can prevent these problems not only to mothers but to the fetus.

FACT: Simpton thyroid
Levels of throbbing pulse of weak (60 times in one minute)

The thyroid gland is enlarged
The skin is pale, yellowish, dry
Brittle nails
The hair is dry and easily fall
The voice became hoarse and raspy
Talk slow
Cool if other people feel the heat
Gain weight
Tongue thick
Muscle Spasms
Fingers are numb
Are infertile, if easily fall pregnant womb and the menstrual flow increases


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