Friday, May 27, 2011

Brain Function

Brain Function
In the human head, there are some parts of the brain, ie, right brain, left brain, midbrain and cerebellum / brain subconscious. Each part has a role and a different character.

Left Brain

The left brain is part of the brain responsible for cognitive and rational thinking. This section contains some typical characteristics that are logical, mathematical, analytical, realistic, vertical, quantitative, intellectual, objective, and controlling the body's motor system right.

The left brain has characters such as motor control body movement right - sensible, systematic, mechanical - mathematical calculations - analysis, language, images, words - a character straight line, parallel - details, controls, objectives / targets - ingenuity , worldliness - the reality and the dominant, direct - active, oriented on the number - identity, reading, writing - the ultimate goal, a target goal - step by step and based on demand - a tendency to yourself - the tendency is more into the self.

Right Brain

Conversely, the right brain is part of the brain that are affective and relational thinking, have a qualitative character, impulsive, spiritual, holistic, emotional, artistic, creative, subjective, symbolic, imaginative, simultaneous, intuitive, and controls motor movement of the body to the left.

The right brain has a character such as: controlling the motion of the left body motor - character of human relationships - acoustic, sound, music - artistic, art, creativity - the symbols, sensuality, space - intuition, imagination, equation - continuous, permanent, clear - the emotions, feelings picture - open, giving priority to the feeling - oriented to the quality - and the process of doubling - the spiritual and sightings - care for others - concern for the nature and situation.

Central Brain

Central brain function to help coordinate eye movements, eye pupil size (wide / narrow), and certain auditory reflexes. In addition, the midbrain contains centers that control balance and nerve fibers that connects the hindbrain to the forebrain, as well as between the forebrain and eyes. Midbrain is section upper brain stem. All files nerve fibers that carry sensory information before entering the thalamus will pass through the midbrain.

Small brain

While the cerebellum is located on the bottom, like a tape machine in charge of all events that take place in our lives. Cerebellum often surprise us by giving information suddenly about something we do not realize before.
Cerebellum consists of two parts and grooved surface. The function of the cerebellum is to adjust the attitude or posture, balance and muscle coordination movement happens consciously. In the event of injury to the cerebellum, may cause interference with the attitude and the coordination of muscle movement. The movement became uncoordinated, such person is not able to insert his hand into his mouth.

People also can not be declared dead if there is still a real signal / electric charge of this small brain.


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