Friday, May 27, 2011

The thyroid is a type of organ located in the human

The thyroid is a type of organ located in the human neck and it serves to guard the body's metabolic expenditure. Habit of the thyroid gland is to act as air equation namely it produces thyroid hormone when the body requires and stop when he is full in the blood. Thyroid disease occurs when a hormone produced in the body prior to being called hypertyroidism or she also may occur due to hormones released is too diminished and inadequate that are recognized as hypothyroidism.

This thyroid gland may swell and become red or he formed a lump. Thyroid disease is a type of hyperthyroidism symptoms that often applies especially among women versus men. By that group who are often at risk are women.


-It applies where too much thyroid hormone in the blood. He gives the impression of ten times higher for women compared to men, this might apply in a continual family. Sign signs that you may have hyperthyroidism are:

* The rate of heart beat
* Always restless
* The emergence of feelings of anger
* Weight loss
* Hair fall
* It's hard to sleep (insomnia)
* Less resistance to heat
* Centrifuge irregular menstruation
* Eyes become large
* Down sudden weight despite increased appetite
* Diarrhea ass
* Low body weight
* Osteoporosis


-He happened was because of too little thyroid hormone in the blood, this will maintain the agency's system and always attacked the group aged 40 years and over and groups at risk are women. The cause of hypothyroidism is because the antibodies and white blood cells attack the thyroid. The signs of this disease are:

* Less power
* Sense of cool
* Slow heart beat
* Depression
* Weight gain
* Less memory
* Dry skin
* Hair fall
* Constipation
* Goiter
* Decreased sex Lust
* Hoarse voice


-He is the enlargement or swelling of the thyroid gland. If he applies showed no problems with the thyroid. Iodine deficiency may be caused goiter. signs of mumps are:

* Dry hair
* Swelling in the neck
* Weight loss
* Changes in menstrual
* Heart palpitations
* Quick-tempered
* Eyes so big
* Changes in levels of metabolism

In Kes Kes excessive goiter may cause a person difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

4.Cancer Thyroid

-A lump found in the thyroid. Over 90 percent not lump Cancer. Can always be removed surgically removed all or most simply simple sake only. cancer thyroid initial ratings do not indicate any impression. but during cancer enlarged, signs of thyroid cancer will initially feels like:

* Lump in front of the neck portion
* It's hard to talk in a normal voice
* It is hard to swallow and breathe
* Pain in the pharynx and neck


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