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How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics

How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics

How 1:
- Reduce the sweet drinks in hot conditions.
- Lots of cucumber consumption.
- Replace your sugar with honey.
- Eat a normal as usual, but do not eat a lot.
- Drinking tea bitter.
Method 2:

Diet for people with diabetes will be different between patients with each other, it depends on the adequacy of high blood sugar and insulin production.

For that, you should immediately consult a doctor internist, for then will be checking blood sugar, so it will be prescribed a diet that must be implemented.

Keep in mind that people often have the wrong idea, that people with diabetes should not eat rice, but is okay, but the portions that must be set according to doctor's instructions.

Mode 3:
Lowering Blood Sugar Levels can be with the efforts as follows:
1. Changing lifestyle with regular exercise, reduce consumption of foods containing sugar.
2. Using drugs that lower blood glucose (Oral hypoglycemic Agents) such as glibenclamide, Glimepiride, gliklazid, etc. gliquidone. Of course, should be at the direction of a doctor!
3. Injected with insulin-pen, it also must be at the direction of a physician.
4. Increasing the use of blood glucose by muscle and tissue with drugs that reduce insulin resistance, such as metformin, pioglitazone, rosiglitazone. It must also be at the direction of every human dokter.Tidak disease accompanied by high blood sugar levels high. But can the people who are obese and have metabolic syndrome; not only lame - a stroke, can be a heart attack, kidney failure can also can lead to disease of peripheral blood flow that caused gangrene.

Mode 4:

During this meal we mkan bnyk sugar, salt n fat sdngkn vitaminny ud not exist.
Cb nutrient consumption dr ShapeWorks Cellular Nutrition. 100% natural fruit dr n vegetables, without chemicals, dyes pengawt ato.
Rich akn vit & min., Low calorie, protein ckp, salt n sugar free, fat <1 gram.

Nutrition sdh terdaftr to 70 MOH d world.

These nutrients BGS for the management of BB (down / up / stable body weight) and memulihkn kesehtan.
1 cup serving together with a plate of rice which yd complete with vegetables, side dishes n fruit.

How 5:

high blood sugar due to insufficient production of insulin in the body because the pancreas is not working properly (a problem). pancreas that produce insulin.
So, if you inject the insulin it does not solve the problem, make the pancreas work normally again so that it produces its own insulin. Cty substance is in very good pumpkin normalize the pancreas.
I suggest try the consumption
1. Hyperglycemia High Calcium
2. Chitosan
3. Diacont
4. Barley Green
5. Spirulina

rather than be severe not hurt to try
health is very expensive.

How to 7:


- 3 areca nut yellow (ripe)
- 15-20 sheets of brown leaf
- Water + / - 500 cc

How to draw on drugs:
1. Cleaned betel nuts, and seeds were taken. Because hard, they will be recommended for seed crushed with a hammer, so the juice can be more pervasive in boiled water.
2. Leaves cleaned sapodilla
3. Boil water with brown leaves and areca seed
4. Wait + / - 20 minutes, make sure the water is reduced by half. Then the water ready to drink potions

To note:
1. Check blood sugar before and 3-4 hours after drinking the potion tsb.
2. If blood sugar is reduced only slightly, or still far above the maximum tolerance limit of blood sugar in the body, re-boiled pulp sapodilla seed nut and leaf tsb.
3. This potion is NOT drunk every day, but it CAN be drunk again, if blood sugar is high again.
4. The effect of this ingredient different from its effect on everyone. There is survived 2-3 days, but there is also the last week, because it is advisable to check back after 2-3 days or a week later to check, whether it has been rising again.
5. This herb is ONLY to lower blood sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes, at all NOT to cure you of diabetes.
6. By keeping blood sugar levels within permitted limits, would reduce the risk of organ damage caused by blood viscosity (among other things, brain function disorders / stroke, blockage of blood vessels, heart, etc.)

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