Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anatomy of the Eye - Cornea

Anatomy of the Eye - Cornea

The cornea is the front part of the eye, which is not colored or clear, which we see clouds like black or brown or blue and so forth. Well actually it's not the color of the cornea, but it is the color iris is behind the cornea. So therefore penetrating the cornea was clear.

No corneal blood vessels, the food comes from oxygen and from the tears that wet the cornea that. And so long closed cornea, eg, contact lens wear during sleep it will be a lack of oxygen or a consequence hypoksia eyes look red. Red here because the blood vessels in the conjunctiva and sclera will send the existing oxygen in the blood and will result in the emergence of new blood vessels or neovascularization, it is one of the complications of contact lens wearers.

Cornea has a very large power diopters approximately 43.00 D serves to refract or deflect light into the eye, so with little change in curvature alone will affect / effect the greater the fall to change the light or focus light inside the eye.

Corneal layers are 5, namely:
Corneal epithelium, a thin layer of tissue in which many have the ability to grow with cepaty and always so keep the wetness in the presence of tears
Bowman layer, a layer or collagen tissue that protects the stroma
Stroma, the thickest layer in the middle and here's where it took lasik laser on the network, consisting of collagen tissue is and around there are 200 layers
Descemet membrane, a layer at the back which is a thin layer
Endothelium, the rear layer consisting of a single layer of mitochondria.

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