Friday, May 27, 2011

The symptoms of thyroid disease

The symptoms of thyroid disease
Yg rapid heartbeat
High blood pressure
Skin lembat & sweating a lot
Increased appetite accompanied by weight gain
Difficulty sleeping
Frequent bowel movements and diarrhea
The skin over the bone protruding and thickened dry
Eyes swollen, reddened and prominent
Eyes sensitive to light
The eyes seemed to stare

The pulse is slow reply
Speaking to slow
Eyebrow loss
Eyelid drop
Intolerant of cold weather
Weight gain
Dry hair, thin, rough
Skin dry, scaly, thick, rough
Thickened skin over shins & notable
Carpal tunnel syndrome

To determine the function of the thyroid gland, can be performed several laboratory tests.
 One of the most frequently performed examination is measurement of TSH levels in the blood. This hormone stimulates the thyroid gland, so if underactive thyroid gland, the hormone levels are high, whereas if an overactive thyroid gland, the hormone levels are low.

 Usually the examination needs to be done is to measure levels of TSH and free T4 levels in the blood.
 But it can also be measured levels of thyroxine binding globulin protein, because the levels of abnormal proteins that can cause misunderstandings in evaluating the total thyroid hormone levels.
 Patients with kidney disease, some hereditary disease or the use of anabolic steroids have thyroxine-binding globulin levels low. Conversely, pregnant women, users of other birth control pills or estrogen, the early stage of hepatitis and some other diseases, thyroxine-binding globulin levels are high.

 Several checks can be performed on the thyroid gland.
 If you think there is growth in the thyroid gland, ultrasound examination, to determine whether this growth in the form of liquid or solid.
Skening thyroid gland with radioactive iodine or Technetium, can show physical abnormalities in the thyroid gland. Skening thyroid can also help determine whether the function of the thyroid area is normal, overactive or underactive.

 If you're still not sure whether the disorder is located on the thyroid gland or pituitary gland, then the examination of functional stimulation.
 In one of these examinations performed injecting intravenous thyrotropin-releasing hormone and blood tests to measure the response of the pituitary gland.


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