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Various Problems Elderly

Various Problems Elderly

1. Senility is a disruption in brain cells due to old age. The advent of this disease is difficult to avoid. When you have suffered, can not be cured again. But dementia is caused by vascular disorders, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, can be avoided provided that these diseases be prevented early on. Therefore, prevention of dementia should be started from avoiding disease vascular disorders such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Disorders of blood vessels can cause the blood supply to the brain decreases. This could affect the working mechanism of brain cells. Though nerve cells in the brain is very sensitive to any form of change.

Blockage of blood vessels, lack of oxygen and glucose deficiency can affect brain cells and even deadly.

Tuberculosis, epilepsy, problems during childbirth can also cause interference with the baby's brain cells. This disorder can continue and in time if the relevant cause of dementia elderly.

Living habits such as drinking alcohol, morphine addicts, can also cause dementia.

Therefore, if you want to avoid senility, then start by living a healthy way.

2. The process of aging of blood vessels

The process of aging occurs in all cells and even organs and blood vessels. The blood vessels responsible for delivering blood from the heart throughout the body, because blood contains nutrients, oxygen and other important substances that flow into the body that need it. The blood vessels are very delicate is the site of the drainage of nutrients to tissues and act as regulator of blood pressure.

If the blood vessels near the heart, then it will be enlarged by stretching of the elastic lining of existing blood vessels. With increasing age, this elastic network will dwindle.

The blood vessels will be amended if the form of fat deposits that cause blood vessel surface is not smooth anymore and will impede blood flow. If a large fat deposits, there will be narrowing, as a result of food distribution on the network will be reduced and blood pressure will rise.

Aging process will be slow, accompanied by the symptoms of aging, in the form of hair loss, tooth loss, skin wrinkles, and the adaptability and flexibility will decrease.

Changes that occur in blood vessels will cause increased blood pressure and organ. Such changes will be accelerated if there is genetic change (derivative) / influence of food, medicine or infectious diseases.

Aging process is characterized by the deterioration of motor skills such as slowing of movement and reduced the power of the body that result in slow physical movement, decreased muscle strength, reduced the speed of reflexes, and reduced the balance under the movement of the body that can cause a person to easily fall.

3. Decline of nerve function

Aging process experienced since age 30 and above 60 years who began to show problems such as physical disorders. The symptoms are influenced by certain factors, among others:
Nutritional factors

Nutritional problems can arise because of indigestion when its infancy and old age. The disorder often occurs in connection with the tightness of a person's nutritional problem in dieting.

Environmental factors

Due to the influence of family, work and relationships can suppress a person's mind and cause the stress. If it continues in the long term, it will result in a person's aging process.

Factor gene

Gray hair, teeth falling out, the weakness of a person's body can be experienced at a young age due to the influence in one's body. But generally, these symptoms will appear at the age of 65 years.

If someone is experiencing the aging process, then the ability of reaction to sensory stimuli will be slow, the system will stretch reflex, causing vibrations in your hands, difficulty in movement so easily falls, difficulty in pronunciation of words is also not clear anymore, and his memory of the words will be reduced. This is caused by the reduction in cerebrospinal fluid and brain tissue.

Aging process also affects the autonomic nervous system. People will be more frequent urination especially at night, also decreased intellectual ability and would have trouble learning something new, but still a good understanding of the vocabulary.

If one's memory decline, especially about things that just happened, then the next they will be difficult to distinguish between day and night. The next process, they will have difficulty knowing of its existence, even in the end they did not know who he was talking.

4. Disease arising

If someone is getting older, there will be a possibility with the increase in diseases such as high blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, diabetes millitus, cancer, osteoporosis, cataracts and prostate hypertrophy.

In general, there are some diseases that arise in the elderly, such as heart muscle to thicken and the valve will thicken. If you previously had experienced heart problems, then the situation will be worse. Will experience a narrowing of blood vessels, causing blood pressure to be high. System endoktrin experiencing weakness will also cause low blood sugar and decrease in the male sex organ. Will slow down movement in the intestine and gastric fluid for food processing will be reduced so that the absorption will decrease. Metabolism of food may also be disrupted, so that the body is weak and, susceptible to disease. One's memory will also decrease, hearing, vision, taste and smell tools will also be subject to change.

Many of the problems that can arise if someone moved at the age of the elderly. Should we try to keep the body so that we remain in a healthy condition, ie, by trying to maintain a good diet and nutritious. There are a few tips to keep our bodies stay healthy, among others:
When choosing foods, choose foods that are not too hard and not too stimulating, good taste sour, sweet or spicy. This is mainly for those who have certain diseases.
Expand to consume foods that contain adequate nutrients such as:
Vitamin A is useful to maintain the vision contained in the liver, fish, eggs, butter and carrots.
Vitamin C to maintain oral health found in vegetables and fruits.
Fe a useful form of blood hemoglobin, Ca and P for the establishment and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth found among others in green vegetables (papaya leaves, cassava leaves, kale), cow's milk or milk that is not greasy.
Vitamin B12 is useful to assist the formation of red blood grains found in liver, fish, milk and eggs.
It is recommended to eat more often with smaller portions, drink and reduce the consumption of which contain salt. In order for the kidneys work is lighter, then multiply drinking in order to expedite expenditure leftovers. That too much salt is being consumed, it is feared could lead to hypertension / high blood pressure.
Protein diet should be propagated, but reduced carbohydrate and fat. Protein is useful here to establish the body's cells are damaged. This protein is found in milk, eggs, cheese, meat and fish.

In addition to the above, then there are natural ways to do that is by way of massage. It is believed to control the symptoms that occur in the elderly and can keep the body healthy. The points are massaged include:

1. These points are commonly used to strengthen the body's elderly are:

For Women: Spleen 6 (situated 4 fingers of the inner ankle)

For Men: Ren 4 (located four fingers below the navel)

(All point massage and moxa)

2. To senior citizens who complained of feeling unwell body, not spirit, dry and wrinkled skin, decreased sex drive, hair loss. Massage the points as follows:

- Heart 3: on the threshold of the inner sleeve folds of the elbow

- Liver 3: 1 thumb hand between your thumb and index finger leg legs

- Bladder 57: in the middle of the back of the calf

- Kndg Empdu 34: in a meeting under the curve of the base of the tibia and fibula

- Lung 5: on the outside of the elbow fold, between black and white border

- Large Intestine 4: lying when clenched fingers of the hill there is a mound near the thumb

(All point massage and moxa)

3. If the whole body is weak, no strength, fatigue and cold leg no strength:

- DU 14: at the nape of the neck behind

- Stomach 36: 4 fingers of the kneecap

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