Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mysteries of middle

Mysteries of middle disibak anthill, but it started a lot of products used to solve a variety of deadly diseases. Not only the people of Wamena, Papua, which generally boil 1 tablespoon of ant nests in 2 cups to boil and the remaining 1 cup. However, also people in various cities who wish healing soon.

A few months earlier, also suffered a heart attack 8 children's mother. At that time he was rushed to Siloam Gleneagles Hospital, Jakarta. The results showed an intensive examination, Nilawati suffering due to coronary artery calcification in coronary arteries. The verdict did not surprise her. Please understand, he suffered a heart since 20 years ago.

To his surprise, is at the heart valve abnormalities and acute pneumonia. It was based on lung X-ray that looked darker. Healthy lungs are usually white light. After all, her family received word that can not be granted. That is why, his son Ratnawati Prihandini, bringing his mother to the Harapan Kita Cardiac Hospital Jakarta. The results of the diagnosis of doctors at the hospital was the same: coronary heart disease, heart valve disorders, and pneumonia.

Before Departure to Sukabumi she first consulted a doctor. The doctor let her vacation there. However, heart attack forced him to return home to Jakarta. Nilawati condition worsens, the body limp. Not how much food into his mouth just to meet energy needs. That, too, must be blended. Naturally, if his weight dropped to 39 kg, 49 kg initially.

From day to day condition of women born in 1934 it did not improve. Therefore drugs from the doctor discontinued. ? I'm concerned, excessive consumption of chemical drugs can damage the kidneys,? Ratnawati said. Hopes now rest on the healing physician treatment. However, after several attempts, it did not bring hope. Mid-2004, Ratnawati acquainted with the chairman of the foundation of a primary school where his only child study.

Ratnawati told her mother who suffered from pain of coronary heart disease. Suggest new best friend, Ratnawati buy capsules containing powder anthill. Without thinking, she's 38 years to buy a jar of ants nest capsule contains 60 items. Capsule was given to his mother three times a day each 2 capsule. A month later, Nilawati health is getting better. Appetite began to rise.

Because it feels its benefits, he continues to consume capsules for up to 10 months of ant nests. Jumped back to normal body weight, 46 kg. Complaints of pain and palpitations are also missing. Nilawati now enjoying her old age, after struggling to cope with coronary heart disease, heart valve disorders, and pneumonia. Nilawati did not check the condition of his health. However, nearly two years of heart attacks and other complaints he'd never feel again.

Coronary heart disease associated with coronary blood vessels carrying blood to heart muscles. ? The old, fatty deposits in arteries increases,? says Prof. Dr. Dr. Budi Setianto, SpJP (K) from Harapan Kita Heart Hospital. If at age 10? 20 years, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and smoking in the lining of blood vessels is damaged.

Chest pain and heart palpitations experienced Nilawati for congenital heart pumps blood to the brain. That's because your heart rate is too weak or too fast. The heart fails to pump blood to the brain when the beats are too weak. The impact of the brain deprived of oxygen and dizziness. Lack of oxygen in the blood cause the other body parts hurt.

Ant nests increase treasury wealth of medicinal plants. Medicinal plants? So-called ant nest is actually part of a plant called scientific Myrmecodia epifi t sp. It looked like tubers, plant stems below the bubble. Well, in it's three kinds of ants inhabit Irydomyrmex. So, not just any ant nests, as seen in some branches of trees like mango trees.

Psychotrieae clan members comprised of 26 species in all regions of Indonesia such as Papua, Siberut, Mentawai, Java, and Borneo. Types which are found in Papua is Myrmecodia tuberosa. In Indonesia Useful Plants Myrmecodia K Heyne call as a home of ants. Ant to feel comfortable living in caudex? The bubble? because the host plants to produce sugar.

Substance was used ants as a source of feed. In exchange, the ants protect the plant from herbivorous predators. As an epiphyte? Plants that live on other plants, but no harm? ant house include a ride on melaleuka. So Myrmecodia hang in the trunks of certain trees.

The part that is now beginning to bubble that many drugs used as raw material. Types of active compounds that play a role in healing is still a mystery. Its presence was investigated Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Dr. Muhammad Ahkam Subroto, researchers, suspect's house ant antioxidant-rich compounds. Unfortunately, the type is unknown. ? Ant nests contain antioxidant compounds, vitamins, and minerals. In ants, antioxidants play a role in the formation of colonies, keeping the eggs away from the germs of disease, the same as in the honey bee,? says entomologist Dr. Wijaya. Some herbalists and healers who contacted Poster complementary separately stated, not to prescribe an ant nest.

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