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Beware the Finger Hand When massaged Feel Pain

Beware the Finger Hand When massaged Feel Pain
On both palms and backs of the hands there are a lot of nerve tissue, which makes us very sensitive hands. Without the need to be controlled by eye, we can feel something just by fumbling it. When we arise in your body disease, signaling the presence of disease will be transmitted to the brain through the nerves, and some of these cues by the brain will be delivered by both hands.

Examples of when we're nervous, unconsciously our hands come restless, scratching their heads, wringing her hands or waving his hands unconsciously. When we are surprised or not feeling well, our hands will issue a cold sweat.

From the palms and backs, we can find out the disease in the body easily and clearly. According to traditional acupuncture, with a look at the color, flesh and muscle elasticity and inertia hand, can help reduce and cure the diseases that nested our body.

Signs of certain diseases in the organs of the body looks at a particular point in hand. The color change from red to purple, muscle meat when touched hands get a little stiff or hard, can also feel there is water or soft, or one finger slightly swollen than the other fingers.

For people who often do the job by hand, it is usually difficult to disease infestation. For example, farmers who each day hoeing, he has included exercise, until the immune system becomes stronger. In contrast to those with less use of hands and fingers, easily affected by disease.
Relations With the Meridian Nerves Hand Organs

According to traditional Chinese science in our body there are 12 meridian pathways, which are each associated with our body organs. 6 Meridian pass through our hands, namely the lung meridian, heart, lining of the heart, large intestine, small intestine and tripemanas meridian.
Meridian / lane lungs.

Starting from a point outside the top side of your thumb just below the thumb nail. Crossing the mountains thumb. This pathway is associated with the lungs and respiratory tract. When massage means the patient feels sick with flu, asthma, infections and other channels. When a sore right thumb, means the right of respiratory organs are sick. And vice versa.
Meridian / cardiac pathway.

In starting from a point located next to the little finger under the nail. Crossing the mountains below the little finger. This pathway is associated with heart and blood circulation. Pain when massaged the patient affected by kidney disease or diseases related to kidney, bedwetting, discomfort in the chest, palpitations, headache, tense mind.
Meridian / path pericardium

Starting from a point located below the middle finger nail across the palm of the hand in the middle. This pathway affects the activity of the heart, blood circulation, the small intestine. When massaged by her pain means the patient was agitated, sore mouth, abdominal pain, also pain disorders of the spleen.
Meridian / line of colon

Starting from a point located below the finger nail through the back of his hand. When massaged by her pain means the patient suffering from poor digestive system, shoulders and shoulder pain, headache front, sore waist, buttocks and thighs.
Meridian / line the small intestine

Starting from a point located below the outer pinkie finger nail through the back of the outer arms. This pathway is associated with the small intestine. When massaged ill means patients experience constipation, abdominal pain, pain behind the head, arm pain.
Meridian / tri-heater pathway

Starting from a point located below the ring finger nail. Set up lymfe system and hormonal system. When the point on this path means suffer pain massaged body temperature hot or cold, migraines, chest pain, gall bladder colic.
Color Nails

Color in the finger nails we will show our body weak organs.

Circle crescent (small curvature) on the thumb nails pink mean pancreatic blood circulation is poor. As a result, patients easily drawn, if left unchecked can develop into urine sugar. Massage the point under the thumb.
Circle crescent on the index finger nail is pink colored intestines and stomach is weak. In this case the circulation of blood in the intestines and stomach substandard. Massage the point of the index finger under the nail.
Circle crescent in the middle finger nails colored pink means easily agitated and energy section of heart weakness. Massage the point of the nail below the middle finger when sleeping rough, a lot of dreams, often complain of headaches, can not concentrate.
Circle crescent on the ring finger nail is pink colored irregular menstruation due to temperature rise and fall would interfere with blood circulation, immune system becomes weak. Massage the point below the ring finger nails if you suffer from these symptoms.
Circle crescent on the little finger nails colored pink heart energy means to be weak. Heart disease is usually hard to identify at an early stage. When you have known heart disease is usually chronic. For early detection of frequent massage 2 points below your little finger nail inside and outside.
Nail entry / sink into the flesh means the heart is weak. Patients with conditions such as eating too much meat, eat less vegetables and fruits. This causes the liver to be less healthy. Massage the point on the second node in the ring finger the finger section.
In the nail arises horizontal stripes means the patient to be careful with colon and stomach. Human nail every day is always growing. In case of indigestion then nail growth will be hampered as a result arise horizontal stripes. Massage the point of the nail in place there is the line.
Vertical lines arising in the nail means less metabolism working properly. Vertical lines are the wrinkled flesh under the nail. When the middle finger nails have vertical lines means that the liver and kidneys are less good and less healthy. Massage the point below the center of the nail tip.
In the nail speckled black and red. Means of blood circulation in the brain is less smooth, causing lethargy, drowsiness and decreased activity. When the index finger are the spots, the circulation of blood in the brain is less good. Massage the point below the tip of your index finger nail.

10. To keep healthy, regular massage of all the points under the nail every day. When the finger nail becomes red when pressed, it means good blood circulation and organ-related meridians pretty good hands. If your fingernails are not pressed immediately after milking, it means that blood circulation is not smooth, and organ-related meridians in the hands of less healthy. Organs are the lungs, heart, colon and small intestine.

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