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To know and understand the shape and structure of the heart, you can see the form of beef liver. In humans, the liver size of a fist and weighs ± 2 kg. Liver consists of right and left lobes.

Heart is located in the abdominal cavity and is the largest gland in our body. Heart covered by a thin membrane called the outside of the capsule hepatis. Glands in the gallbladder and liver are blood vessels that unified by a thin membrane called the capsule Gilson. Liver cells are united to form lobula approximately 100 thousand lobula. Each has a long lobula diameter between 0.8 to 2 mm. Among the lobula each other separated by a space called the lacuna space. In the liver is also available histiosit cells that function to remodel the red blood cells that have been aged.

b. Liver
The liver is the body's glands that also serves as a tool for excretion, which is to change the substance of waste and toxic materials to be removed into the bile and urine. In addition, the liver also functions as follows.
1) Offering Poison
Without faith, man is dead killed by the poison entered the body. Poisons that can come from drugs, alcohol, lactic acid, ammonia and nutrients. One of the metabolic processes in the body
addition will result in the form of lactic acid that can harm the body. The accumulation of lactic acid is marked with a sense of aching in the muscles. Hearts will change this lactic acid into glycogen which is a type of carbohydrate that can be used as a source of stored energy in the muscles. Trying to remember on carbohydrate metabolism. In the process of protein metabolism would be a substance produced ammonia by-products. These substances are toxic and harmful to the body. But then the heart transformed into urea and out along with urine.
2) Place of formation and dismantling of the Red Blood Cells
The liver blood passed approximately 1.4 liters per minute. At the time of the blood through the heart of it will have a "cleaning", about 3 million red blood cells die every second and will be melted and the melting of the results will be saved for the recycled as a raw material in making new red blood cells as well as the raw material substance gall .
3) Place of formation and dismantling of Protein
Soluble protein in blood plasma, about 50 grams of protein per day produced by the liver.
4) Change Become Glycogen Glucose or contrast
With the liver is the blood sugar levels can be arranged for blood sugar inaccurate would be fatal for the body. At the time of blood sugar in the body up, then change it to a form of liver glycogen, and vice versa when the blood sugar down, glycogen converted to glucose.
5) Develop a Dissolving Fat Face
Liver produces about 0.5 to 1 liter of bile each day nutrition. These substances can dissolve fat. It was pointed in front of the dead blood cells that will be recycled as raw material for making red blood cells and nutrients gallbladder. Bile substances has red pigment called bilirubin and biliverdin called green. People who suffer from abnormalities of the heart, sometimes it will
skin and eyes appeared yellow, which is called jaundice (jaundice). This is because the color pigments, and flooding excess bile out of circulation.
6) To Store Vitamins
Liver stores some vitamins into the body when excessive amounts. At a certain moment when the body needs it will remove them. The types of vitamins can include Vitamin A, D, E, B12.

Very large role in the heart of our life is not it? For this we had to look after, and as early as possible to know when liver disorders. The most dangerous liver disease is liver cancer known as cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can be caused by diseases caused by viral hepatitis. Can also be caused due to consuming alcohol and lack of proper nutrition. Therefore please arrange healthy lifestyle, nutritious foods, and avoid alcohol to protect our hearts.

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