Friday, October 28, 2011


Myocarditis is a collective term for inflammatory disease of heart muscle with different causes. Although a large number of asymptomatic myocarditis passed, they can be triggers for life-threatening heart problems and sudden death heart rhythm to lead. Is the heart lining (endocardium) and includes the heart (epicardium affected), is called Pankarditis.

Basic Abnormalities: Inflammation of the myocardium.

I. diagnosis of Myocarditis
Principal complaints
Chest pain similar to angina pectoris and pericarditis (pericarditis chronic / acute pericarditis)
shortness of breath
Important signs
Kardomegali (rapidly occurring)
Weakened heart sounds
Rhythm gallops; The signs of heart failure, particularly right heart failure.
Laboratory examination
Special examination
Examination of the ECG: Not a typical
Inferior ST-T changes
Cardiac conduction disturbances
Thoracic photo: Not a typical
Pericardial effusion with cardiac enlargement or pleural.
Left heart enlargement
Can be confused with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and mitral stenosis.