Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prevention of cancer

Anything that increases the likelihood of someone suffering from cancer known risk factors, while lowering the chances of suffering from something called a cancer protective factor. Some risk factors for cancer could be avoided, but many others can not be avoided altogether.

One risk factor that can be avoided such as smoking habits, while that can not be avoided such as genetic or hereditary factors. Both these factors are the same as a risk factor for cancer but only Smoke habit that can be avoided.

Prevention of cancer here is an act that seeks to avoid all things that become a risk factor for cancer and increase protective factors to prevent cancer.

Although some risk factors can be avoided does not mean you will be one hundred percent free of cancer. Instead of people whose lives are full of cancer risk factors is unlikely they will eventually suffer from cancer. Every individual has a different sensitivity to the uniqueness or difference against cancer. Therefore a good idea to always consult a doctor to get the right information to prevent cancer.

The main principle is the prevention of liver cancer with liver cancer screening as early as possible. Fit and proper information on how to conduct screening and other information can easily be found on your family doctor.

Liver cancer or hepatocellular cancer is often called is a cancer that grows and develops in cells or liver tissue. Cancer is not a result of metastasis of cancer that occurs in other organs.

Heart is one of the largest organs contained in the human body. Located on the upper right abdomen and is protected in part by the rib. The liver has an important function especially in the metabolism of food into energy as well as storage organs of blood.

Some risk factors for hepatocellular cancer or liver cancer are:
Sex. Men are more prone to liver cancer when compared with women. This may be something to do with genetic factors.
Hepatitis or liver inflammation. Chronic Hepatitis B and C is the most important risk factor for liver cancer. The risk will increase when a person suffers from both hepatitis simultaneously.
Liver Cirrhosis. People with liver cirrhosis have the possibility of developing liver cancer are higher than those that do not.
Metabolic disorders. Several metabolic disorders can increase the risk of liver cancer for example, disorders that cause accumulation of iron in the liver (hemochromatosis).

Early examination or a routine screening for liver cancer conducted among others by Sono Acrylamide Ultra examination or abdominal ultrasound, CT scan and blood tests.

Until now appropriate treatment for liver cancer is still rare in Indonesia, a lot is to do with liver transplant and it can only be done in foreign countries with expensive fees.

In conclusion, if you do have risk factors as I mentioned above, it helps you get to the doctor to screen for liver cancer. Your heart to care.

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