Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One of the diseases that attack is varicose veins

Veins or the veins are vessels that carry blood to the heart. Blood contains a lot of carbon dioxide. Generally located near the surface of the body and appear bluish. The walls of veins thin and not elastic. if it is touched, his heart rate was not felt. Veins have valves along the veins. This valve serves to keep blood flowing in one direction. With this valve, the flow of blood still flowing toward the heart. If veins were injured, but blood is not gushing leak.

From the whole body, vein empties into a large vein, called the vena cava. These blood vessels into the heart via the right atrium. After gas exchange occurs in the lungs, the blood flow to the heart again through the veins of lung. These veins carry oxygen-rich blood. Thus, the blood in all veins contain lots of carbon dioxide except the pulmonary vein.

One of the diseases that attack is varicose veins.

Venous vessels
Thin wall tubes, no elastic
Close to the surface of the body (thin bluish)
Towards blood flow heart
Pulse is not felt
Along the vein valve
If there is blood gushing wound

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