Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sources of Folic Acid

Sources of Folic Acid

It's been better known as folic acid supplementation in addition to or milk. But the fact itself naturally folic acid contained in our daily diet, such as green vegetables, liver, meat, nuts, seeds, and sebagainya.Dan, according to Indonesian food nutrition tables, high folic acid content contained in chicken liver, seaweed , red beans, and soybeans.

How much should be consumed? According to medical journals, pregnant women should consume at least 300 m of folic acid per day. It is also a way to reduce the risk of neural tube defects NTDs (neural tube defects) up to 70 percent of births. Abnormalities at birth including developmental imperfection of the brain (anencephaly) and spine (spina bifida).

To meet this number, not necessarily with supplementation (tablets). But from the daily diet can also meet the needs of folic acid, only a side dish or replace some food choices rich in folic acid. For example, choose a side dish high in folate such as liver or red meat. Or, if previously used to eating tempeh / know, can now also add pureed green beans snack or soy milk and vegetables.

Consumption Combination

Well, because vitamin B include water-soluble vitamins, processed foods containing folic acid should also pay attention to the many sauces that are used. Do not make a vegetable or food with a sauce that is too much. If sauce is too much, folatnya acid will be wasted. If necessary, simply saute it with very little sauce, so water and food consumed all.

And, preferably, also the consumption of liquid, because it would be much folic acid content in the sauce.

Maximize your intake of folic acid can also be done by combining the consumption of foods with folic acid other sources. For example, eating green vegetables with nuts snack, side dish of chicken livers with green vegetables, combining a variety of foods made from beans, and so on.

When natural foods are consumed by the dose and the right food processing, need not have added folic acid by eating folic acid-fortified milk.

Given the importance of the function of folic acid in the first trimester of pregnancy, women should meet the needs of folatnya acid every day even if not planning to conceive. Similarly, after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

"Actually, since folic acid is needed to get pregnant breast-feeding. Because since the process was the basis of the establishment of the first trimester of fetal cells and did not stop until the breastfeeding period, so it can be said to be pregnant, breastfeeding is one package, "said Pritasari.

Especially for pregnant women who in some cases prone to anemia, folic acid food sources such as chicken livers that contain protein and iron (Fe), also can prevent anemia.


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