Monday, November 14, 2011

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are often a frightening specter for each person. Moreover, this stone can cause kidney failure if treated too late.

Kidney stones are formed from a variety of substances. These stones are generally formed from calcium and oxalate. The amount was sometimes not just one. Could some of the stones with varying sizes. "Generally, these stones measuring between 7 to 10 cm. But there also can reach the size of 15 cm.

What caused the stone is still not known with certainty. There is an assumption if the diet is associated with increased risk of stone formation. For example excessive calcium intake may increase risk of kidney stones. But this is not true.

In fact there are people who are keeping the intake of calcium but still affected by kidney stones. While all those other people did not even hit mengasup calcium kidney stones.

The doctors suspect this is caused by genetic factors. Genetic abnormalities in patients who made her remove excess calcium or other substances that can form stones. So that these minerals precipitate in the kidney or in the urinary tract and into the stone.

Drink plenty of water is a way to help remove the stones that have broken through the urine.

If the size of the stone is too large it must be immediately removed. The way in which did not use surgery with large incisions. Nowadays stone removal can be done with laparaskopi technique, namely surgery with minimal incisions. Or it could be the technique of shock waves (ESWL), which would destroy the stone to be excreted through the urine.

Although diet had little influence on the formation of kidney stones, a healthy lifestyle is recommended for every person who has been affected or not affected by kidney stones. Healthy lifestyle include diet, drink lots of water, and regular activity can prolong the process of formation and size of stones.

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