Monday, November 14, 2011

Sistemic Lupus Erythematosus

Sistemic Lupus Erythematosus

Lupus is more severe than discoid lupus, because the symptoms affect many organ systems of the body or Lupus patients. In some people just skin and joints are affected, but in some patients with lupus attack other organs of vital organs: Heart - Lung, kidney, nerve, brain.

However, it should be noted: Generally, there are no two people odapus Systemic lupus affected by the exact same symptoms. Systemic lupus can enter a period in which, if any, symptoms improved (remission), and other times they can become more active disease (flare up). Symptoms from the lightest to the heaviest.
Causes of Lupus

Factors causing a person stricken with the disease Lupus until now not known, but the influence of environmental and genetic factors, hormones suspected as the cause.

Genetic factors: There are no known genes or gene - a gene what causes the disease, 10% in lupus families have close relatives (parents or kaka's brother) who also suffer from lupus, 5% of babies born to lupus patients affected by lupus as well, when identical twins, the possibility of Lupus affected only one of the twins.

Environmental factors play a role as a trigger lupus, such as: infection, stress, food, antibiotics (especially sulfa and penicillin groups), ultra violet light (sun) and use of drugs - certain drugs.

Hormonal factors, may explain why women are more often affected by lupus disease compared with men. Increased growth rate lupus before menstrual periods or during pregnancy support the belief that hormones, particularly ekstrogen be the cause of the originator of the disease Lupus. Yet? Until now not known what type of hormone that causes the amount of the prevalence of lupus in women at a certain period which led to increased symptoms of lupus is still unknown.

Lupus is often referred to as "women's disease", despite the fact that there are also men who affected by Lupus. Lupus can occur at any age child, adult.

Although the occurrence of disease Lupus10-15 times more common in women of childbearing age compared with men. Lupus disease symptoms in women and men in general are the same. But the risk of adult onset of lupus in women of childbearing age 8 times higher when compared with adult males. Some data indicate the incidence of the disease Lupus Race Asia is higher than Caucasians.

Sunshine factor is one of the conditions that can worsen the symptoms of Lupus. Suspected by the doctors that the sun has a lot ekstrogen thus simplifying the autoimmune reaction. But that does not mean that people can only come out at night. Lupus patients may be out of the house before 09.00 or after 16.00 hours and advised to wear protective cream from sunburn. Hot sun in a tropical country like Indonesia, is a trigger factor of recurrence for patients who are sensitive to sunlight can cause red blotches on the face. sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity) as an abnormal skin reaction to sunlight.

Forty to 60% of SLE patients are susceptible to photosensitive. Excessive sunlight is estimated as a triggering factor of attacks and aggravate SLE disease cutaneous (discoid) lupus.

Lupus patients, should be aware that sunlight is the "enemy" for them. Lifestyle that will minimize exposed sensitive to UV light from excessive shock. Activities outside the building should be completed before 10 am and after 2 pm - when UV light is less intense. Lupus Patients should not sunbathe or sunbathe and did not make his skin turning brown sunburn.

Therefore, use a sun visor which can inhibit sunlight (sun block) and that holds the light of the sun (sunscreens). Inhibiting sunlight (sun block).