Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brainwave Entrainment or Stimulation

Brainwave Entrainment or Stimulation of Brain Waves is a sound technology that we use to make CDs Brain Activation. This article will explain to you, what is Brainwave Entrainment, its history and how it works to activate your brain.

What is Brain Waves?

Your brain consists of billions of brain cells called neurons. Every neurons communicate with each other (in a relationship) by emitting electric waves. Shockwaves released by neurons in the brain is called "brain waves" or brainwave. So-called brain waves are "electric current" issued by the brain. If the brain is no longer eject brain waves, then we know that the brain is dead.

Brain waves can be measured with the equipment electroencephalograph (EEG). It is known that the frequency of brain waves generated by neurons varies between 0-30 Hz and classified into a wave delta, theta, alpha and beta. Each wave has different characteristics and indicates a person's mental condition.

Here is a brief description of the characteristics of the four types of brain waves generally present in every person.

Beta Waves: Alert, Concentration.
Beta brain wave conditions (13-30 Hz) keep our minds sharp and focused. Under conditions of Beta, your brain will easily do the analysis and preparation of the information, make connections, and generate solutions and new ideas. Beta is very rewarding to work productivity, study for exams, preparing presentations, or other activities that require high concentration and alertness.

Alpha Waves: Creativity, Relaxation, Visualization
Alpha brain waves (8-13 Hz) in contrast compared to Beta conditions. Relaxed state encourages the flow of creative energy and feeling fresh, healthy. Alpha brainwaves ideal conditions for reflection, problem solving, and visualization, to act as a gateway to our creativity.

Theta waves: Deep relaxation, meditation, Memory Improvement
Slower than Beta, Theta brain wave conditions (4-8 Hz) appears when we dream in light sleep. Or also often named as having a conscious dream. Theta frequency is associated with the release of stress and memory recall long. Conditions "twilight" (twilight) can be used to get a deeper meditation, resulting in improved overall health, less need for sleep, increased creativity and learning.

Delta Waves: Healing, Sleep It Soundly.
Condition Delta (0.5-4 Hz), while the slower brain waves, often associated with very deep sleep state. Some frequencies in the Delta range is accompanied by the release of human growth hormone (Human Growth Hormone), which is beneficial in healing. Condition Delta, if generated in the waking state, will provide the opportunity to access the subconscious activity, encouraging the flow to the conscious mind. Condition Delta is also often associated with men who have a strong sense of empathy and intuition.

Mistaken views that have been present in the minds of many people is a brain wave produces only one type at a time. When we think we are in active beta waves. If we relax we are in alpha. If you're dreaming, we are in theta. And, if we are in deep sleep delta. That view is wrong. The results showed that at some time, in general, our brain produces four types of waves simultaneously, but with different levels. For example, in a state of sleep, our brain produces delta waves a lot more, but still produce theta, alpha and beta, although levels slightly.

Each person has a unique brain wave patterns and always consistent. The uniqueness of it appears on the composition of the wave at a given time. The composition of brain waves that determines a person's level of consciousness. Meditation is one of the most ancient ways to adjust the brain wave patterns. As for the busy modern society, technology Brainwave Entrainment be one of your favorite ways to adjust the brain wave patterns to suit your needs.

Actually, in addition to four types of wave that we mentioned above (Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta) is still higher brainwave frequency is 40-99 Hz Gamma, HyperGamma with appropriate frequency 100 Hz and Lambda waves with a frequency of exactly 200 Hz. According to Dr. Jeffrey. D. Thompson, of the Center for Acoustic Research, HyperGamma and Lambda waves associated with the supernatural, metaphysical or paranormal.

While Gamma waves occur when a person experiences a very high mental activity, such as was in the arena, the struggle for the championship, appeared in public, it panicked, frightened, in a hurry because the deadline work or other circumstances are very stressful for the person.

Brain wave patterns you determine your mental state. Whether you're excited, energized, productive, creative, happy or being lazy, sad, stress, anxiety, difficulty concentrating or depression, all of that is influenced by the pattern of brain waves released by nerve cells in your brain.

The brain waves to determine your state of mind. Brainwave entrainment is a way to organize your brain wave patterns as needed, so you get a fit state of mind you want.

In English, Brainwave Entrainment is also known as brainwave synchronization and brainwave stimulation. In Indonesia known as Brainwave Entrainment Brain Wave Therapy, Brain Wave Stimulation or Sync Brain Waves. For the purposes of this article, we call it Brainwave Entrainment because the term is more universal.

Brainwave Entrainment can be defined as an attempt to stimulate the brain to produce brain waves pattern / specific frequencies as needed. How can perangsangannya with sound waves or flashes of light. Of the two ways, the most popular is the excitation of sound waves as it is considered more effective, less expensive and easier to use.

The phenomenon of "entrainment" was first discovered in 1665 by a Dutch scientist named Christian Huygens. He's got a room that contains some pendulum clocks (ancient clock pendulum as a driver there). He observed, time after time the pendulum motion into harmony between one hour to another hour. Though at first pendulum clock movement is not aligned.

Christian Huygens repeated the experiment several times. He started by moving the pendulum clock differently and the result is always the same: after a while all of a pendulum clock synchronized with itself. Huygens then refer to this situation as "entrainment". As for the Brainwave Entrainment had just emerged since 1839. Starting from Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats.

In the technology world the mind known as "frequency following response" which is a natural phenomenon of the human brain. Frequency Following Response is a condition in which the brain tends to adjust its frequency to the frequency of sound or light stimuli received by the brain through the ears or eyes.

In closing this article, we want you to understand one thing. That each frequency has its own effects on the body and mind. For example, brain waves with a frequency of 7.83 Hz 6HZ and both belong to the category of theta waves. But they have very different effects on the brain.

In the world of Brainwave Entrainment, we also know the term Brainwave Brain Waves Pattern or Pattern. Brain wave pattern is a composition of different brain wave frequencies that occur in a person's brain. Brain wave patterns to determine a person's mental condition. There is a pattern of brain waves to sleep, there are brain wave patterns for the dream, the brain wave patterns to the spirit and joy, but there is also a pattern of brain waves with ADHD, depression, OCD, and so on.


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