Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mangosteen is a fruit of a tree crop that comes from a shady tropical forests in Southeast Asia

One more petua I received 2 days off. I can rarely hear people use mangosteen in perubatan skin.

"My father had diabetes. One day the mother was trying to resume practicing petua boiled dried skin of the mengosteen that have been dried, and boiled water was given to drink on dad ... the results of blood sugar content in the father continues to drop. "

Another alternative to get antioxidants to prevent cell destruction caused by free radicals is the Mangosteen fruit. Exotic fruit which is often dubbed the queen of fruit that has many of the antioxidant content of the skin and the fruit.

Mangosteen is a fruit of a tree crop that comes from a shady tropical forests in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia or Indonesia jungle. From Southeast Asia, this plant spread to areas of Central America and other tropical areas such as Sri Lanka, Malagasy, Caribbean, Hawaii, and North Australia.
Center for tree planting or Garnicia mangostana mangosteen is East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, West Java (Jasinga, Ciamis, Wanayasa), West Sumatra, North Sumatra, Riau, East Java and North Sulawesi.

In traditional medicine in Southeast Asia, the mangosteen fruit and its skin has been used for several centuries. Meanwhile, scientifically proven in mice who consumed the mangosteen juice is the equivalent of three liters, if in humans, no tissue damage whatsoever.

From the results of a study, a native of Southeast Asia can produce Xanthones, which is a substance formed from the isolated skin of the mangosteen fruit. Levels reached 123.97 mg per ml. Xanthones have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Research Xanthones have been started since 1970 and until now has been discovered more than 40 types of Xanthones, among which are alpha-mangostin and gamma mangostin which is believed to have the ability to prevent various diseases. Both types of Xanthones can help stop inflammation (inflammation) by inhibiting the production of COX-2 enzyme that causes inflammation.
Other studies have shown that gamma-mangostin has anti-inflammatory effects are better than other anti-inflammatory drugs on the market. Xanthones of this type can prevent various diseases caused by inflammation, such as arthritis and Alzheimer's (disease is a brain dysfunction).

Xanthones are also useful to prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Even exceeds the antioxidant ability of vitamin C and E which is known as the most effective antioxidant. The content of alpha-mangostin and gamma-maostin in mangosteen fruit also act as an antibacterial. Alpha-magodtin also known to have efficacy as well as antibiotics that are in the market such as amphicillin and minocycline.

Mangosteen is a nutritious fruit commodity for health and beauty because it has antioxidants that capture free radicals and prevent cell damage that inhibited cell degeneration process. Not only meat that the mangosteen fruit rich in vitamin C-66 mg, but also a multi efficacy of skin-cancer, antioxidant, efficacious overcome coronary heart disease, HIV, and so forth.

Mangosteen skin extract is antiproliferasi to inhibit cancer cell growth. In addition, it also extracts are apotosis destruction of cancer cells. Xanthones are able to treat some types of cancer such as liver cancer, digestive tract, lungs, and so forth. Xanthones in mangosteen skin too powerful to overcome the disease tuberculosis (TB), asthma, leukemia, inflammatory, and antidiarrheal.

Recent research found one in four people of the United States suffering from cancer and 1 in 5 people will die at an early age. The best solution of this problem is prevention. Consumption mangosteen regularly ageless because super antioxidants that function to maintain and improve the body's cells are damaged and become better. Mangosteen helps to destroy all diseases in the body and improve the system of antibodies in the body.

Mangosteen fruit can be served in fresh form, as canned fruit, made syrup / juice. Traditionally, mangosteen fruit is a cure canker sores, hemorrhoids and wounds. Now already many companies that are interested in processing the mangosteen, so that practically can be consumed by the public.