Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cordyceps and good

Cordyceps and good
Cordyceps & PARAS cholesterol BLOOD

Asid tepu politak fat in paras cordyceps subtracting LDL (bad cholesterol) to block formation of cholesterol plaque and prevent clogged blood vessels.

Cordyceps is also smooth blood circulation and strengthens blood Salur structure. This is important in the prevention of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease

Cordyceps strengthens HEART FUNCTION
Cordyceps regulate heart rhythms, heart muscle strengthening and escorted to the heart and blood flow than the heart. Cordyceps also escorted paras balance cholesterol and inhibit the formation of cholesterol plaques that become stem heart disease.

 Cough, bronchitis, resdung, asthma and respiratory system problems selsema is commonly encountered today. Cordyceps has been used to treat the problem by withdrawing Kahak, relieve keringkong and chest. He also helps strengthen the lungs and protects the air in the lungs.

 Cordyceps increase paras 17-hydroxy-corticosteroid and 17-ketosteroid which helps maintain the function of the kidneys. He is also acting to clean the blood and helps elimination toksn in the body.


Cordyceps increase male hormone sexual power and restore youthfulness. Cordyceps help prevent the problem of erectile failure and improve blood circulation, especially the smooth portion pelviks.
Cordyceps increase sexual power, increase life qualities men & women, to prevent infertility, increased sperm numbers and increase fertility.

Cordyceps RESTORE fatigue

Cordyceps & abscess / KANSER

Cordyceps has a strong anti-oxidant characteristics. It increases cell imuniti against abscess formation, inhibit the formation of nitrosamines (the cause of boils) and prevent the formation of free radicals cause abscess.

Cordyceps strengthens Minda

Asid glutamic, L-tyrosine and tryptophan in Cordyceps has a calming semulajadi impression. He also did the formation of monoamine oxidase in the brain. Accordingly it is used as a tonic Cordyceps appropriate memory booster and prestadi Minda.

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