Saturday, October 20, 2012

Supply of oxygen

Beware if you are having a migraine, especially if the disorder has occurred since I was young. It could be migraine headaches is an early symptom of the syndrome of blood coagulation.

Gore syndrome or the so-called antiphospholipid syndrome (AntiPhospolipid Syndrome or APS) is an autoimmune disease. From too thick, blood flow throughout the body so it is not smooth.

Supply of oxygen throughout the body become blocked with blood is the carrier of oxygen in the body. A series of symptoms can arise from excessive blood viscosity, such as migraine or blue patches on the skin.

In APS patients' blood or also known as Hughes syndrome, found phospholipid antibodies, which is a risk factor in which tend to be thick and easy blood clot, which can cause blockages in the arteries (arteries) and blood vessels (veins). The presence of phospholipid antibodies can be detected through labotarium.

Examination results will show whether or not anticardiolipin antibodies (ACA) and lupus Coagulan (LA) that play a role in blood coagulation.

The presence of these antibodies does not mean a person will experience blood clots. However, the risk of blood clots will be greater. Many individuals with this antibody are not severely blocked blood vessels (thrombosis). Anyone experiencing symptoms due to thrombosis in the future. There is also a gore syndrome symptoms at a young age.

A person must meet several criteria to be diagnosed syndromes gore. For example, unhealthy habits such as smoking, high cholesterol foods, use of hormonal contraceptives, or the other autoimmune diseases that can lead to APS.

If someone has high cholesterol or smoking habit, blood was flowing thick will be more difficult. Cholesterol is attached to the walls of blood vessels to make blood vessels narrow section.

Cigarette smoke will damage the inner walls of blood vessels (endothelial). Implicated endothelial activate the clotting system. When the endothelium is damaged, platelets will easily stick together and block blood flow.

Blockage can occur in all blood vessels. The impact depends on the obstructed blood vessels. If a blockage occurs in the brain vessels, it would be a stroke. If it occurs in the heart vessels, will cause a heart attack.

The exact cause of APS is still unclear. Allegedly because of heredity or genetics.

Those with gore genetically high risk for blood clots at a young age. Therefore, there is a possibility they must take anticoagulant drugs for life. Luckily, APS due to heredity only affects a few of the human population in Indonesia.

To treat syndrome gore, the patient was given anticoagulant drugs that thin the blood work. The dosage was determined by titration trials to obtain dose to the blood becomes diluted, but does not cause bleeding complications.

The measurement used is the International Normalized Ratio (INR), which compares the blood of patients with normal blood. The higher the ratio, the more blood is less viscous (more watery).

INR measurements are performed regularly and recorded in a special note card anticoagulant doses and INR results. Generally expected numbers INR range of 2-3.

Just as prevent other diseases, to avoid this syndrome is quite easy. Simply by exercising regularly, following a healthy lifestyle such as increased consumption of vegetables and fresh fruits, and drink plenty of water. Stop smoking and intake of fast food that is generally high in fat and salt.

A number of disorders caused by a clot syndrome:

Headache or migraine
Patients with frequent migraine or headaches as a teenager. This is one important sign of Hughes syndrome. Headache treatment is enhanced when done. Feeling unsteady when walking and saw a flash of light as well as accompanying the patient felt headache.

Feeling drunk
Supply of oxygen to the brain can be reduced due to the coagulation of blood, causing impaired balance. Many patients complain of feeling like a drunk. This can lead to accidents in patients.

Loss of memory
Reduction or even loss of memory due to the supply of oxygen carried by the blood to the brain is reduced. Many patients forget the name of a friend or family, things they need to do, or forget what you just said. Usually memory will increase after treatment.

Impaired vision
The patient may experience double vision, ghosting, did not even notice. It is, is because the blood supply to the tissues of the arteries and veins in the eyes of obstacles due to blood curdling.

Skin Disorders
Lots of gore syndrome patients complained of skin disorders such as stains around the arms and legs, a medical term livedo reticularis.

Thrombosis or blood clot occurs if the syndrome is not taken seriously. Thrombosis may occur in any organ, including the vital such as eyes, liver, and kidneys.

Heart attack
Gore syndrome can trigger heart attacks and heart valve problems and cause clotting in the heart of the porch.

The most dreaded disease is a stroke caused by blood clots that can lead to paralysis.

Blockage of the pulmonary
Blockage of the pulmonary artery occurs when blood flow to the lungs is blocked due to blood clots. Blood Clots in the heart can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, or breath. Who have severe lung blockage can be fatal.

Disturbances in the gut
Gore Syndrome can affect blood flow to the intestine, causing abdominal pain, fever, or bleeding on the anus when sitting.

Hughes Syndrome Cause Miscarriage
The case of APS or Hughes syndrome is when impacting pregnant women can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, for those of you who have a miscarriage, it's good to see a doctor regularly. Thickening of the blood can interfere with circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. The more viscous the blood, the fetus vulnerable to food intake stops, resulting in the fetus may die or fall. Not just about the baby, APS can also be bad for the mother. Women with high ACA, are advised not to get pregnant before having a normal ACA levels. If already pregnant, do therapy to thin the blood.

Treatment gore

Gore syndrome can be treated. Some kinds of anticoagulation medications (with prescription) are commonly used to thin the blood are: Warfarin (Coumadin), heparin, and aspirin. In therapy using anticoagulant medication, the doctor will supervise and monitor whether the dose used is appropriate to the blood test. This is to make sure the blood is not too thin, so it can freeze when the patient is bleeding (Source: Senior with edited)

But now, there is a solution other than drugs for gore, Oxygen Elements Plus is to therapies to help improve the quality of the blood of a person who has blood viscosity. Can be used separately or in conjunction with prescription medications available, thus reducing the risk of side effects that come from prescription drugs, and over time is not dependent on the drug. Or used alone, free from the risk of side effects. Because this product is the patent product natural result of the development of high technology.


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