Saturday, October 20, 2012


Make that still have a father my mother: Elderly generally suffer gore, making it susceptible to blockage of a brain blood vessel (cerebral thrombosis) and coronary heart disease. Seniors are also many who suffer from memory loss memory. This is due to the blockage (due to a clot) in the capillaries in the brain that occur slowly (gradually), until the brain was totally destroyed and lost total memory recall. This is due to the overestimation of blood viscosity. While the stroke that caused partial paralysis or missing body memory, one cause is blockage of one of the large blood vessels. Other causes blood vessels rupture causing bleeding brain.

Blood viscosity can be overcome by eating a mushroom that color is black. Mushroom has been shown to have special properties, which lowers blood viscosity. Every day fairly 5-10 grams. So 1 kg mushroom can cater meals for 100-200 days. Cooked soup, cah, and so on, so the "cure" that tasty gore and cheap.

One patient who had the surgery after suffering coronary heart disease, not having an operation because he ate mushroom in the daily menu, while waiting for their turn and a half month operation again. When later he returned to the hospital to do the surgery, so checked it turns out disease has disappeared altogether.

This is one recipe healthy menu: mushroom 10 g, 40 g lean meat, 3 knuckle of ginger, 5 cloves garlic, 6 bowls of water (to boil, reserving 2 cups of water), a little salt. Potion to drink every day for 45 days. Guaranteed clogged arteries that be "relieved", the blood flow smoothly again. It has been proven scientifically in China


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