Thursday, September 8, 2011


What are the symptoms of disease Stroke?
Frequent headaches or migraines, due to impaired blood circulation to the brain.
Stiff neck, sore shoulders and backs, due to accumulation of cholesterol.
Hands / feet often tingle, feels numbness (numbness), due to blood circulation that is not smooth.
High uric acid, due to the failure of the decomposition.
Until the swelling, swelling in certain body parts.
Modern life is now demanding everything instant and fast paced. Both in work activities, domestic life and daily food. Even the few among us who frequently ate fast food (fast food). Development of communications and transportation technology seemed to shorten the distance and shorten the time. Humans seemed to be pampered in his life.

Along with it all, it turns out we have to pay dearly with our health. Use of pesticides, toxic waste, air pollution, additives (colorings, flavorings, preservatives) in foods are some factors which when consumed continuously in the long run can degrade the quality of health of our bodies. Free radicals, carcinogens (cancer-causing genes), toxic substances are a few terms that the more often we hear. Even cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, stroke, gout, allergies, there are on either side of us.

In addition to external things over, living habits are also very influential for the health of our bodies. Foods that are not nutritionally balanced, a little exercise and lack of rest will support the spread of disease.

Health is an expensive pleasure. Therefore we must maintain our health. When we are sick, stroke for example, is not only difficult but we are all members of the house we also feel sad. If healthy is expensive, it will be much more expensive when we are sick.

Why do people get sick? Most people are sick because of his blood. Each of us is sick, always check first is the blood. Every second, every minute, the blood pumped by the heart to deliver oxygen and food through the body until it reaches the brain and fingertips. If blood circulation is compromised, then we will be sick organs. A few seconds the blood does not reach the brain, a stroke will occur. Once the heart stops beating, people will die. Why would a person exposed to uric acid? Because of thick blood. Why is hypertension? Because of thick blood. Why is heart disease, diabetes, etc.? Because of thick blood. Most diseases are also caused by disturbances in blood circulation such as blood is too thick, too high blood acidity and eventually blockage of blood vessels.

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