Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Foot buffer to function as an organ of the body, regulating the balance and mobility. Often without realizing it, we have always demanded the foot to be able to function without adequate treatment. Thousands of nerves and there are sensors on the soles of the feet, so that the small grain of sand can we feel, that if it went into the shoes we're wearing. Nearly 30 bones, 30 connection (joint), 60 muscles, more than 100 bond and more than 200 networks are on your feet. This is a very complex construction, which makes leg into a very special system.

Soles of the feet and cekungannya (arch) Soles of the feet are divided into three parts, soles of the feet of the front, middle and rear. This special on the soles of the feet are bone structure, so that the basin formed on the soles of the feet. This curvature is important, so that body weight can be divided optimally and also to collisions when doing activities can be suppressed well. Soles of the feet has three basins, two lengthwise direction and one direction laterally.  In the normal foot, there are hollow, so that the feet are not fully touch the surface of foot. This form as described above, causing movement of the foot is more elastic and more balanced.

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