Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lung wet in medical

Lung wet in medical language also known as Pneumonia, an infection of one or both of the lungs which is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungus. Before the invention of antibiotics to prevent and cure this disease, a third of all people who suffer from this disease later died of the infection. From existing data, Lung wet is the major cause of death of the sixth experienced by communities in the United States. Wet lung is a term frequently used in the community physician or by a medical officer to show abnormalities in lung cavity filled with fluid on the lungs. This disease follow the wet, because it is a fluid-filled lungs inflammation especially at the alveoli where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in combustion results in the body. Acute bronchitis or also known as lung wet is the health disorders that occurs when the bronchial tract lungs awash with liquid. Some cases of lung wet happened because of inhaling small droplets that contain organisms that can cause pneumonia. After the organism enters into the lung, they are usually settled in the air sacs and passages of the lung where they breed quickly so the amount into lots. Wet lung signs Most people who experience symptoms of lung wet they usually frequent colds, followed by high fever, chills, and a cough with sputum production. In some cases lung wet, spongy tissue of the lungs air sacs containing more involved. In this case, the binding of oxygen from the blood can be disrupted, thereby causing the lungs become stiff and cause shortness of breath or asthma. Chest pain in this disease may develop if the outer aspects of the lung with pleural (cavities in the lungs). All signs of lung wet can vary from mild to severe, according to, the risk factors and forms of this disease. Characteristics of wet lung pulmonary disease one is coughing. The risk of lung wet Anyone can have a risk of lung disease were exposed to wet, but the risk of this illness is someone who already has a defense mechanism of the body that is weak and can not form antibodies to chlamydia. People who have more risk of lung wet are infants and children, persons aged 65 years and older, people who work in construction or agriculture or jobs that require more power, and people who like to smoke. So people who have a young age also are at high risk for this disease when exposed to smoking addiction. Wet lung treatment Treatment depends on the type of lung wet suffered by someone, how severe symptoms, how the overall health, as well as the age of the patient. For wet lung bacteria, your doctor will likely prescribe an antibiotic. When a patient has pneumonia, a disease specialist doctor will probably talk to the patient about the methods for treating the symptoms. If someone has some sort of lung is wet, it is very important to get plenty of sleep and drinking plenty of fluids. Wet lung complications Severe cases may require treatment of lung soaked in the hospital. Complications of lung and pleural effusion include Wet bacteria in the bloodstream. To empty the liquid, the tube may need to get in touch with the lungs along with the chest wall of the patient, or may need to be held against the patient's operation. Bacteria in the bloodstream occurs when an infection in your lungs spread out for your blood. Individuals who have heart problems or lungs, smokers, and people who are aged 65 years or older may experience complications caused by lung wet. How to prevent wet lung You can help alleviate the problem of wet lung by doing some action. This disease often develops after a person is exposed to the flu. By getting a flu vaccination every year, you can lower the chance of good prior flu illness can prevent lung wet. Abnormalities in the lungs that has reached the chronic phase is usually called emphysema. Pneumococcal vaccine will not prevent all types of lung wet. By washing the hands can kill germs that can allow you to pain, including germs that create disease lung wet. Smoking can damage the lungs and cause lung disease, it's harder to immune system inside your body to give the antibodies themselves from germs and disease.


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