Monday, April 4, 2011


Cataracts are a cloudiness in the lens of the eye condition which should be clear and serves as Conductor rays entering the eye. Turbidity occurs because the metabolic systems on broken lens with a variety of reasons both physical (eg concussion on the eyes and face), chemical (eg diabetes, lack of nutrition), diseases (eg hypertension), infection, radiation (eg, excessive sunlight) and age.

Besides the various types of cataract, cataract is most often found senile cataract, which happened because of the aging process (starting at age 50 years or more). Besides, according to your question, cataracts can occur because penyakit2 blood / blood vessels too, the most common are hypertension and diabetes (diabetes). Malignant disease / blood cancers like leukemia, etc. can also lead to cataracts because they interfere with cellular metabolism in the lens of the eye.
The following kinds of cataracts by causing:
1. Congenital cataracts: congenital, related to infection during pregnancy, or interference with the formation of the other fetus (including lack of maternal nutrition)
2. Senile cataract: related to the aging process
3. Complicated cataract: complications of other conditions such as eye infections diseases, hypertension, diabetes, blood disease, smoking, lack of nutrition weight
4. Traumatic cataract: the physical impact on the eye or facial area generally, either blunt or punctured / sharp
5. secondary cataract cataract surgery because the rest of the former is not so clean past.

Therapy in cataract surgery is final. There is no other way to this other than surgery that can remove cataracts.

People with cataracts will experience blurred vision, decreased vision acuity, contrast sensitivity is also lost, so the contour, shadow and color vision is less clear because the light scattered by the cataracts to the eye. Contrast sensitivity tests should be done and if the lack of contrast sensitivity seen eating are encouraged to consult with a specialist eye.


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